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Service exposure: innovating for growth in asset profitability

Just a couple of years ago, the concept of allowing third-party access to operator assets was practically unheard of in the telecom industry. Today, the picture is quite different. Service exposure is about to create a whole new set of business possibilities for operators, developers and content providers.
Jun 19, 2013
Service exposure: innovating for growth in asset profitability

Service exposure, exposing assets through APIs, is nothing new. Some operators have been developing solutions through service exposure for a number of years already. And the Networked Society brings with it the next generation of solutions for service exposure.

Ericsson’s concept of service exposure is about making it possible for the players in the Networked Society to access operator assets in a way that is simple and in a way that generates revenue for everyone involved. Service exposure makes assets available to developers, enterprises and service providers, so that new applications, bundles, products and services can be created to support many different business models and user needs as they continue to evolve.

Service exposure will bring recognition for operators as a partner, and a partner that simplifies the job of developers and provides value to the service provider.

Through service exposure operators will lead the way to service enablement, bringing stakeholders from the telecoms industry together with other industries to create combined cross-functional solutions that are of value to users and enterprises.

Service exposure: innovating for growth in asset profitability