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Trusted computing for infrastructure

Modern internet services rely on web and cloud technology, and as such they are no longer independent packages with in-built security, but are constructed through the combination and reuse of other services distributed across the web. While the ability to build applications in this way results in highly innovative services, it creates new issues in terms of security. Trusted computing aims to provide a way to meet the evolving security requirements of users, businesses, regulators and infrastructure owners.

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Maintaining trust as the adoption of virtualization and cloud technologies increases is essential. Trusted computing in a cloud environment is, however, a special case. As web services and programmable routing technology are deployed on platforms that exploit virtualization, ensuring security becomes more complex. A fundamental concept of trusted computing that will provide protection in the cloud model is the Root of Trust (RoT) – a set of functions for ensuring secure launch and operation of virtualized resources.

Ericsson recognizes that further development is required to address issues related to establishment of trust models, trusted evidence collection, and real-time and dynamic attestation. This article details some research work being carried out in this field.

Trusted computing for infrastructure