Virtualizing network services - the telecom cloud

Inspired by a transformation in neighboring industry sectors toward providing information, products and functions as services - XaaS - the telecommunication industry is evolving the architecture of its systems and networks. In short, the telecom cloud. This new generation of architecture is characterized by a very high degree of abstraction and virtualization.

The catch-22 situation operators are facing – where infrastructure growth is needed to meet increased demand in the face of hard-pressed revenue margins – is a significant innovation challenge for the ICT industry.

Virtualizing network services is one way to overcome this challenge. Together with related technologies, such as cloud orchestration, the telecom cloud carries the transformational power that is needed to reap the benefits of next generation systems and higher levels of abstraction.

Some of these benefits include rapid deployment of new services, ease of scalability and reduced duplication. For operators, the return on investment associated with virtualizing network services to the telecom cloud comes in the form of reduced TCO, improved TTM and a very high degree of automation in network operation – all of which improve the bottom line.

Virtualizing network services – the telecom cloud

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