Mobile service packaging towards 5G

Amid all the positive signs about the advent of 5G, mobile communications service providers have a number of questions. Are they doing things right today? Should they change their offerings? How should they monetize data traffic and services when 5G comes along? Are there newer and better ways in which to monetize traffic and usage in the future?


This report on mobile service packaging towards 5G aims to provide some answers and explore the business evolution opportunities for service providers.

Hand holding mobile device
Out of 262 mobile communications service providers surveyed, only 3 were found not to use the bucket model.
Developing and refining service packaging will be the key to unlocking further growth

Building upon 4G success to create 5G opportunities

This report is based upon research into 262 service providers around the world. It explores what is being offered to consumers today, and examines how developing different service packaging models will be integral to maximizing profit and long term growth in the telecoms sector.

Our research has revealed four key insights for mobile communications service providers to maximize growth:

-       How to build upon 4G success to create 5G opportunities
-       Different ways to develop the popular data bucket model
-       The limitations of unlimited data packages
-       The benefits of combining new technology with personal service

Many service providers have started to offer packages that focus on specific services or devices, and there are variants that could be applied to provide customers with a more tailored service, such as device-specific and video streaming plans. We believe further opportunities can be created by imaginative service packaging in response to consumer needs, as well as the introduction of new services and revenue models.