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Ericsson Mobility Report

Ericsson Mobility Report

Business Review edition

Ericsson Mobility Report Business Review edition

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Discover how 5G is generating revenue growth for service providers. Read about connectivity opportunities for both consumer and enterprise market segments.

The road from opportunity to revenue

In this new report, we have analyzed several current trends within our industry and explored ways in which service providers are turning 5G opportunities into revenues. We can see early indications of revenue growth in advanced 5G markets with extensive coverage build-out and differentiated service offerings.

The report shares key insights into consumer and enterprise market segments. 5G opportunities covered for the consumer business range from Fixed Wireless Access to cloud gaming, and for the enterprise business we elaborate on private networks, Wireless WAN and API exposure in 5G networks.

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Key insights

A very important aspect of 5G is that it brings cost advantages, reduces energy consumption and helps service providers to handle the data growth needed to drive future revenue.


5G revenue growth

Consumer business

Enterprise business

5G and private networks transforming enterprises

For a service provider or reseller, monetizing private networks starts with establishing credibility in new industries.

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The value of 5G WWAN lies in layers

Service providers are expanding into managed services for Wireless WAN and this is rapidly becoming the desired networking business model for networks that want to streamline their IT operations.

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Opening 5G networks to app developers

Harmonizing the exposure of APIs in 5G networks together with other service providers will attract developers to innovate at scale.

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Key figures

A summary of mobile subscription and traffic essentials, including our mobile data traffic growth and data traffic per smartphone.

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Read the list of abbreviations and there full forms at one place.

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Ericsson Mobility Report Business Review edition
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