A common PDCP layer for new radio 5G

Research paper

Multi-RATs (Radio Access Technologies): NR (New Radio) and evolved LTE (Long Term Evolution) will together constitute 5G. Utilizing NR at high frequencies will have a significant impact on radio propagation conditions. This paper sheds light on how to integrate NR into a single 5G framework and explores which protocol stack layer could be used as aggregation layer.

Full paper title: 5G Multi-RAT integration evaluations using a common PDCP layer


Caner Kilinc, Mårten Ericson, Patrik Rugeland, Icaro Da Silva, Ali Zaidi, Ericsson Research;
Osman Aydin, Venkatkumar Venkatasubramanian, Nokia;
Miltiades C. Filippou, Inter;
Marco Mezzavilla, NYU Tandon School of Engineering;
Nandish Kuruvatti, Universität Kaiserslautern;
Jose F. Monserrat, Universitat Politècnica de València;

Presented in June 2017 at IEEE VTC Spring