A QoS Enabled Public Ethernet Access Network (invited)

It is a known fact that today's access networks represent a bottleneck to provide full quality assured services to end users. Metropolitan networks and core backbones are over provisioned and rarely represent a problem from the end user perspective.
Research paper

The advent of triple-play has brought new aspects to be considered, since no quality drops are desired during the execution of videos and phone calls. This paper proposes an architecture to offer guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for end users in a public Ethernet access network. The key element of the architecture is an access edge node with strong QoS and traffic-engineering capabilities. A resource manager is responsible for ensuring efficient utilization of available resources, performing policy-based admission control, resource reservation, network elements configuration and monitoring. By allocating resources in the access network, network service providers can assure service delivery featuring high bandwidth and prioritization. Finally, we present the architecture implementation and the installation of a Video on Demand (VoD) and TV over Internet Protocol (TVoIP) services over the developed platform.


Victor Souza, Benoit Tremblay, Per Karlsson, Wei Zhao, and Zere Ghebretensaé

NOC 2007, Stockholm, Sweden, June 19-21, 2007