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Accelerating industrial IoT application deployment through reusable AI components

The Internet of Things (IoT) is penetrating almost all sectors of the global economy, addressing a wide range of opportunities by applying different Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to IoT data. Because of the diversity in challenges and applications, IoT solutions are often bespoke and highly domain specific. With the surge of IoT applications, this approach to solutions becomes very costly and time consuming if there is a lack of reusability and replicability across different IoT sectors.

This work presents a step towards reusability of IoT solution components applied to Industrial IoT (IIoT). We start from the challenging position of two unique AI-driven applications stemming from two separate IIoT verticals - applications that can be realized using the same components. We identify a set of application-independent reusable AI-centric components and show how they can be orchestrated into the unique IoT applications. Our approach shortens the time to market and reduces costs for developing IIoT solutions, and opens a path towards reusability and replicability of IIoT components, thus accelerating the IoT market uptake.

Full abstract in IEEE Xplore, DOI: 10.1109/GIOTS.2019.8766398


Senthamiz Selvi Arumugam, Ramamurthy Badrinathy, Aitor Hernandez Herranz, Jan Höller, Carlos R. B. Azevedo, Bin Xiao, and Valentin Tudor.

Published in IEEE Global IoT Summit (GIoTS), June 17, 2019

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