Gateway selection in capillary networks

Capillary Networks play an important role in the growth of the Internet-of-Things, enabling wireless sensor networks to connect and use the capabilities of cellular networks through Capillary Gateways. Capillary Gateways facilitate the seamless integration of wireless sensor networks with cellular networks.

Therefore, an optimal selection of the Capillary Gateways by the wireless sensor network is crucial for balancing the load between the gateways and optimizing the end-to-end path through both networks.

This paper describes a set of possible gateway selection architectures and presents an algorithm for determining the gateway selection based on policies and a set of constraints. Then, the paper describes our implementation of two selected architectures, discussing the solutions and challenges encountered during implementation. Finally, the paper evaluates the traffic and load generated by gateway selection.


Niklas Beijar, Oscar Novo, Jaime Jiménez, Jan Melen.

Presented 2015-10-27 at 5th International conference on Internet of Things.

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