Hybrid media & TV delivery using mobile broadband

In today’s fragmented media landscape there are several different technology platforms for delivering video content to consumers: Satellite, Cable Terrestrial TV and fixed/mobile Broadband. As TV evolves, it will be critical for service providers to harness the various benefits of these platforms through a hybrid approach to simplify current complexities.

The user experience and cost efficiencies can be improved by combining personalization and interactivity functionalities through a broadband connection with broadcasting over satellite or terrestrial TV. Popular TV shows with high viewing numbers will be broadcasted, while Video on Demand (VoD) and niche linear TV content will be delivered via broadband unicast technology. In such hybrid solutions, the mobile and fixed broadband connections complement each other for at-home coverage, while mobile networks, including LTE broadcast, will ensure coverage for smartphone users on the move. Hybrid solutions will also enable more efficient use of terrestrial TV spectrum.


Henrik Voigt

This paper was originally published in the 2016 BEC Proceedings.