LCA of data transmission and IP core networks

The IP (Internet Protocol) core network operated by TeliaSonera in Sweden has been studied according to a described definition (system boundary) and extrapolated to a national level for Sweden. A top-down and a bottom-up data collection approach have been used to quantify network equipment and energy consumption. The electricity consumption of the IP core network was about one fourth of the total energy consumption of the connected mobile and fixed access networks. The use stage results for the Swedish IP core network is about 0.08 kWh per GB (Gigabyte) of data traffic corresponding to about 19 g CO2e/GB when applying a Swedish electricity mix. If instead a global average electricity mix is used, the resulting greenhouse gas emission would be about 64 g CO2e/GB. A method is also proposed where the amount of data traffic is used to allocate the IP core network on different usage. The method is exemplified by the 3G mobile broadband data traffic in Sweden.


Jens Malmodin, Dag Lundén, Mikael Nilsson,Greger Andersson