Methodology for life cycle based assessments of the CO2 reduction potential of ICT services

Research paper

The presented LCA-based method can be used when assessing the potential CO2e emission reduction from introducing an ICT-based service. The method was used to analyze the CO2e emissions from the communication networks in Sweden as well as on the effects of introducing smart work solutions at TeliaSonera. For TeliaSonera the CO2e reductions resulting from smart work sum up to about 40% per employee, or over 2.8 ton CO2e per employee and year. The total reduction potential due to smart work in the world was estimated to be 2 % - 4% of global CO2e emissions, if reductions of 20% - 40% can be achieved per employee in a 10 - 20 year timeframe.


Malmodin, Jens; Lundén, Dag; Lövehagen, Nina