Reducing Energy Consumption in LTE with Cell DTX

This paper discusses how energy consumption can be significantly reduced in mobile networks by introducing discontinuous transmission (DTX) on the base station side. By introducing DTX on the downlink, or cell DTX, we show that it is possible to achieve significant energy reductions in an LTE network. Cell DTX is most efficient when the traffic load is low in a cell but even when realistic traffic statistics are considered the gains are impressive. The technology potential for a metropolitan area is shown to be 90% reduced energy consumption compared to no use of cell DTX. The paper also discusses different drives for the increased focus on energy efficient network operation and also provides insights on the impact of cell DTX from a life cycle assessment perspective.


Frenger, Pål K. Moberg, Peter; Malmodin, Jens; Jading, Ylva; Gòdor, Istvàn