Simplified wireless connectivity for 5G machine type communication

Ubiquity of applications supporting the networked society demands an efficient communication system to support Machine Type Communication (MTC) devices. The current architecture is not optimized for MTC traffic patterns and therefore, may lead to excessive signaling.

In this paper, we propose a simplified approach to wireless connectivity to cope with the requirements of Massive MTC devices. The essence of our solution is based on an optimized and simplified IPv6 connectivity at the existing base stations for a large number of MTC devices while supporting the coexistence of legacy mobile devices. This paper focuses on the core network aspect of the end-to-end connectivity. By analyzing the signaling load we illustrate the feasibility of the proposed solution and demonstrate that it outperforms the existing architecture through simplification of connectivity and elimination of unnecessary functions.


Peyman TalebiFard, Stere Preda, Catherine Truchan, Suresh Krishnan, Denis Monette; Ericsson and Victor C.M. Leung; University of British Columbia

Presented at the 2016 IEEE INFOCOM International Workshop on Mobility Management in the Networks of the Future World.

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