Simulating high availability scenarios in cloud data centers: A closer look

Cloud tenants require certain levels of performance in aspects like high availability and service rate and deployment options. On the other hand, Cloud providers are in constant pursuit of a system that satisfies client demands for resources, maximizes availability, minimizes power consumption and, in turn, minimizes the cloud providers’ cost. A main challenge cloud providers face here is ensuring high availability (HA).
Research paper

High availability includes the combined reliability of components of all categories including network, computational, hardware and software components of all layers.

We introduce a framework to amend cloud simulators with critical HA features. We take GreenCloud, a major simulator with a direct focus on green computing, and implement these features as an additional measurement layer. We demonstrate these added features by simulating their impact on a phased communication application (PCA).


Mohamed Abu Sharkh, Abdallah Shami; Western University, London, Canada; Peter Öhlen, Abdelkader Ouda, Ali Kanso, Ericsson Research.

Presented Nov 30, 2015, at First IEEE Workshop of Quality of Service Assurance in the Cloud (QAC'2015), co-located with IEEE CloudCom.

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