Standardization of the new 3GPP EVS codec

A new codec for Enhanced Voice Services, the successor of the current mobile HD voice codec AMR-WB, was standardized by 3GPP in September of 2014.

This paper provides an in-depth insight into 3GPP's rigorous and transparent processes that made it possible for the mobile industry, with its many competing players, to successfully develop and standardize a codec in an open, fair and constructive process. We also provide an overview of the EVS codec technology, the standard specifications, and the performance of the codec that will propel evolved HD voice to an unprecedented quality level.

Full abstract in IEEE Xplore, DOI: 10.1109/ICASSP.2015.7179064


Stefan Bruhn, Harald Pobloth, Ericsson; Markus Schnell, Bernhard Grill, Fraunhofer IIS; Jon Gibbs, Lei Miao, Huawei; Kari Järvinen, Lasse Laaksonen, Nokia; Noboru Harada, Nobuhiko Naka, NTT DOCOMO; Stéphane Ragot, Stéphane Proust, Orange; Takako Sanda, Panasonic; Imre Varga, Qualcomm; Craig Greer, Samsung; Milan Jelínek, VoiceAge; Minjie Xie, ZTE; Paolo Usai, ETSI.

Published 2015-04-20.

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