Thinking 4G IP and the cloud? Think Ericsson

Innovation in cloud and 4th generation IP solutions is crucial to meeting the insatiable demands of tech-savvy and data-hungry subscribers. Our series of 18 conference and journal papers hint at the leadership Ericsson is developing in packet networking technologies.

Jan Söderström, Ericsson’s Director of Packet Technologies Research, says the papers document some of the company’s capabilities, working alone or with industry partners, in taking cloud and 4th generation IP solutions to new levels.

"The papers are technical and academic in nature," he says. "They speak the language of CTOs, operators’ R&D communities, and research groups faced with making decisions about future needs or standardization.

"Such solutions are key to our Networked Society vision – a world in which everything that can benefit from having a connection will have one. Mobile networks going IP and accessing the cloud will be central to delivering the life experience subscribers in the Networked Society will take for granted.

"Any operators who are unable to meet such needs will simply miss out. Ericsson has been engaging with the ecosystem for many years, either through detailed research and developing solutions of our own, or by working with other vendors and industry players."

Söderström believes Ericsson’s reputation in IP, the cloud and next-generation solutions will grow to equal its perception in other areas.

"We’re known for our technology leadership in many areas of the ICT industry," he says. "We’ve applied that same technology leadership ethos in our approach to 4th generation IP networking and the cloud.

"These conference papers are a means of bringing the story to operators, thought-leadership drivers, and others who may not be aware of our capabilities in this area. For example, some may not know what we can do in the area of Software-Defined Networking.

"We have attracted lot of positive interest from the analyst community. With the increasing contact from operators on top of that, we decided it was time to make some of our research papers accessible via Ericsson’s News Center."

Söderström encourages anyone with further questions, or who may want to talk directly to paper authors, to contact him directly if they cannot get the information through their Ericsson Key Account Manager contacts.