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A global strategic partnership platform that creates turnkey, value-added services

Ericsson UDN is building the world's first true edge delivery network at webscale, driving performance benefits and cost efficiencies. Together, we create a global edge network that offers the highest performance to consumers.

We are investing directly to deploy the core network and more importantly, bringing content provider and applications traffic to UDN. Content delivery is the first application built on the UDN platform. UDN is emerging as the leading-edge cloud execution platform that distributes and runs the next generation of content, web and digital applications by leveraging operator footprint.

UDN delivers performance and progress

Why Unified Delivery Network?

Deeper in the network

UDN shifts much of its infrastructure inside the service provider network, placing caches both above and below the IDS/Firewall. The results are caches far closer to the end user than traditional CDN caches, contributing to a superior QoE.

Better by design

A state-of-the-art, middle-mile network infrastructure designed to move content from its origin to a local region, complete with the following content peering capabilities: ingestion, policy application, post-processing, regional direction, and geo-replication.

True end-to-end transparency

UDN provides true end-to-end transparency and control of content from handoff to the service provider network to delivery on the device. UDN gives visibility inside the service providers’ network, thus giving insight into network performance and consumer data.

UDN is launching shared CDN at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

Shared CDN offers service providers high quality delivery for their own content properties, while concurrently providing a service to content providers, with the service providers serving as partners which are benefiting from a share of the revenue generated from the content providers. Shared CDN empowers service providers to participate in the OTT value chain, deliver a highly differentiated rich media experience of their own content to in-network customers and subscribers worldwide via the UDN global edge.

Shared CDN Benefits

  • Fully outsourced Private CDN with end-to-end lifecycle management

  • Global distribution of content, based on rules established by the Content Provider

  • Usage based business model, no charges for software or maintenance

  • Backed up by UDN for failover situations

  • Collaborative business model enables monetization of OTT content

UDN - a business model innovation

UDN is a strategic partnership platform that facilitates collaboration between service providers and content providers, as well as offers unique revenue sharing arrangements to grow the CDN ecosystem.

Content providers

Content providers, both big and small, have access to the same UDN services

Service providers

Service Providers are the backbone of UDN

UDN global partnership forum

UDN global partnership forum brings together business and technical executives from content and service providers worldwide, to share experiences, ideas and collaborate on new revenue streams.

Our next event will be on February 24-25 at the Hotel ARTS, Barcelona before MWC.

service providers and content providers

UDN Global Partnership Forum @ MWC Barcelona

Register here  to attend and see how Ericsson, service providers and content providers are transforming the digital ecosystemThe forum will feature panel discussions, member networking, product showcases, case studies, and strategy breakout sessions.

edge delivery network

UDN Global Partnership Forum calendar

Details of other Partnership Forum events in 2018 will be posted shortly.

Podcast with Yves Boudreau: Heterogeneity in the edge

Listen to the podcast

UDN related news and blogs

UDN evolves into a platform business

This new platform – called boost – is the first UDN-hosted application beyond core content delivery. UDN’s boost program offers app certification and updates for content providers, as well as optimized media delivery.

Ericsson and Net Insight synchronize live streaming

Through the cooperation, NetInsight’s Sye will be integrated in Ericsson’s UDN offering. The combined solution will result in a superior, highly efficient, global content distribution service.

Ericsson UDN strikes deal with Equinix

Ericsson has selected Equinix, Inc., to deploy its UDN solution in Equinix’s datacenters and across its business ecosystem of network service, cloud and content providers and enterprises in all industry sectors.

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