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Service providers are the backbone of UDN

The service provider is a key participant in the delivery chain, providing last mile delivery to the end user. Collaboration with service providers is one of the key features of UDN. UDN addresses the challenge of unmonetized OTT video traffic flowing through their capital-intensive networks, ensuring Service providers get a fair share. UDN empowers service providers to join an ecosystem to share their network assets to scale and compete against web players

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How does UDN work for service providers?

  • UDN places caching nodes deep within the operator network
  • UDN shares service revenues with service providers in recognition of their last mile access
  • UDN enables service providers to gain visibility and control of OTT content that is flowing across their network
  • UDN gives service providers an opportunity to expose operator-specific functionality to content providers in a uniform way

Key Differentiators

multi-network delivery

Reveal hidden value

Collaboration with service providers is a key feature of UDN. By banding multiple service providers together, UDN is able to create a multi-network delivery platform to provide content delivery functionality and other operator-centric capabilities that were once unattainable in the market.

revenue streams

Create new revenue streams

Unlike a traditional CDN, UDN does more than just purchase bandwidth from network operators. UDN shares top-line revenues with participating service providers based on the amount of traffic they deliver on their network.

monetize the last mile delivery

Gain control of your network

Market forces – increases in OTT, traffic volume and demand for private caches are causing service providers to lose control over their valuable last-mile access. UDN enables service providers to have an offering for large and small content providers to better monetize the last mile delivery, rather than deploy private caches for free.

operator interoperability

Deliver great customer experience

Similar to how Ericsson established operator interoperability to text messaging, UDN is now applying the same concept to OTT content delivery. The UDN platform provides low-latency and high performance delivery services such as advertising, UHD video, IoT, and AR/VR solutions.

service provider network

Attract new customers

UDN contracts with content providers, bringing OTT content to the service provider network. Operators do not need to deploy dedicated sales or support staff to support content delivery services on their network. Service providers receive all the benefits of the OTT revenue share, without the hassles of supporting and servicing content providers.

last mile delivery

Streamline your operations

UDN service consolidates all the key command and control functions under one responsible party for contract and technology development. Content providers want a single configuration and reporting source, a single service level agreement and a single source of support. Service providers do what they do best, provide last mile delivery.


“For future services, NTT DOCOMO foresees that consumption of 4K video, virtual reality and augmented reality content will increase and believes a platform like a UDN adds value in the high-speed 5G era.”

- Takaaki Sato, General Manager of Service Design Department at NTT DOCOMO

Service provider partners


“Equinix is constantly looking for innovative solutions, that when combined with our global interconnection platform, provide customers with the opportunity to capitalize on new revenue streams and create value-added services as an extension of their datacenter deployments.”

- Charles Meyers, President of Strategy, Services and Innovation, Equinix

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