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Machine Intelligence

Machine Intelligence uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to drive systems for automation and network evolution. Machine Intelligence is what differentiates Ericsson's portfolio and services.

Our network-first approach, based on deep domain expertise, places us as the industry leader. We build network intelligence by introducing machine learning and intelligent rule-based analytics directly into our products and software. This not only increases efficiency by automating manual tasks but also makes our products much more capable. After all, artificial intelligence can handle massive sets of data at speeds impossible for their human counterparts.

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We develop our learning models in the lab but test them early in live networks to get the right feedback and train our models fast. Ericsson's research in this field stretches back over 10 years and we hold over 200 patents. Watch the video on self-learning agents based on deep reinforcement learning.

Machine Intelligence is reinventing Network Operations

By introducing intelligence to predict, prevent and handle events without human intervention we can now bring unprecedented levels of automation. OPEX is drastically reduced and customer experience soars as we gain a deeper understanding in how to efficiently deliver the things that matter to them most.

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Find out how Ericsson researchers utilized machine intelligence to address field maintenance tasks that cannot be automated, which is often the case when hardware errors occur.

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Machine Intelligence as a service business in Telecom and IoT

We will be able to offer insights based on network data as a service by introducing machine intelligence in all parts of our portfolio. This will also help drive our capability evolution and our business model evolution.

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