RTK: satellite-based positioning with cm-level accuracy

RTK is a technology for satellite-based positioning. Using RTK with a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), it’s possible to achieve cm-level precision. To make it possible for devices like mobile phones and other cellular devices to take advantage of this cm-level accuracy, 3GPP has standardized support for precise positioning in LTE. This video shows a demo of a GNSS RTK client implementation, which demonstrates the precision of RTK based positioning in action. The demo was created in 2018 by Ericsson Research summer interns Joel Oskarsson and Elias Alesand, supervised by Fredrik Gunnarsson and Sara Modarres Razavi. It is based on a Raspberry Pi, a u-Blox GNSS chip, a cellular modem, and open source RTKLIB and a demonstrator, developed in the summer project, visualizes estimated positions in a 3D environment on a connected cloud-based server.