The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding rapidly, and is expected to comprise 18 billion connected devices by 2022. While the early development of the internet relied on assumptions of trust, those assumptions no longer apply to the development of IoT.

As the significance of IoT grows in corporate, government, and critical infrastructure contexts, concerns about privacy and security are also increasing. With new IoT connected devices being deployed in new use cases, the potential for novel types of attacks must be addressed.

Protecting personal information, company data, and critical infrastructure cannot be an afterthought. IoT solutions must be secure from the start, fortified with holistic strategies that incorporate the entire IoT value chain.

A crucial component to ensuring security, safety and privacy, while realizing the economic and societal benefits of IoT, is the proactive cooperation of all key stakeholders. This white paper explores key considerations for securing IoT, component by component, across the value chain and concludes that proactive collaboration among stakeholders is a must.

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