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We live in a world where five billion people are connected – where mobile, broadband, and cloud are transforming the fabric of society. Ericsson's technologies are making this a reality.

What is the Networked Society?

In a truly Networked Society, more connections and communication create new functions and behaviors. These developments empower people, transform industries, and enable smart city solutions. And they are reshaping our future, creating a positive legacy for generations to come.

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Trends & insights

With our technologies and services, we are pioneering new ways to connect systems, cities, and societies in ways we never thought possible. Let's explore the amazing potential of the Networked Socieity.

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Growing innovation in Tuscany

Mobile technologies are reshaping all aspects of our lives, society, and industries. And where better than Tuscany to sample the coming 5G-led renaissance?

Networked Society City Index 2016

See how your city ranks in the Networked Society City Index 2016, and learn how the cities of today will shape the world of tomorrow.

The Social Business Era

Learn more through the new Social Business Study which captures interesting findings from field research in Nairobi, Kenya and Medellin, Colombia.

Men playing soccer

Playing in the big leagues

Ericsson is setting the pace in the internet of sports. See how we're revolutionizing the live sports experience for broadcasters, fans, and athletes.

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Fishermen fixing the nets

Connecting the unconnected

Half of the world’s population is still without internet connection. In support of the ITU’s Connect 2020 target of ensuring that more than 50% of people in the developing world have internet by 2020, we need to connect the unconnected. This means providing internet access to approximately 700 million new subscribers, equivalent to 500,000 new users every day - from today until 2020. This is how we can help you find sustainable and efficient ways to do it.

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Ericsson ConsumerLab

woman sitting at a large office table

For more than two decades, Ericsson ConsumerLab has researched consumers' behaviors and values, informing our understanding of how people connect with technology and tracking the hottest emerging consumer trends.

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Technology for Good

girl sitting at a computer in a rural school

In the Networked Society, we are the leading advocate of Technology for Good. By using connectivity to address poverty, human rights and climate change, we help ensure our technology is a force for lasting, positive change. 

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Our business areas

Ericsson has unmatched experience in connecting people and businesses around the world. With our technologies, we lead transformation across industries and society, and enable change at a global scale, with specialized focus on the areas of industries, media, IT, and networks.

yellow bus turning a corner in a big city


As a global ICT solutions provider, we help front-runners in industries like Utilities, Transport, Public Safety, and Mobile Financial Services to break away from silos and bespoke products, in favour of standards-based platforms, collaboration, and connected solutions. 

girl laying on a sofa looking at a tablet.


Experience is everything, and today's consumers expect on-demand, uninterrupted access to TV, movies, and media from any device, anywhere. Our leading technologies help media companies generate more revenue and keep customers coming back for more.

An ICT professional sitting in a dark room looking at several computer screens


We have the most advanced software in the industry, coupled with cloud infrastructure hardware and deep systems integration expertise to help companies respond to rapidly changing market forces, while containing costs.

Woman in a red dress sitting at a table and looking down at a tablet


We help operators build and manage flexible and efficient infrastructure that supports millions of different devices and applications, in any location.

Explore the possibilities

A wave of transformational change is sweeping across all aspects of industry and society, rippling through the way we live, learn, work, create, and engage. How do you see the possibilities? Join us as we explore and share deep insights and lessons from the focal points of change.

The Digital Dude

Technology is affecting our everyday lives like never before. Our digital tools have become an important part of who we are, and the future we once saw only in science fiction films has already arrived. Just imagine the possibilities...

The Drone Boss

Many of the solutions we see in today’s Networked Society were seemingly unimaginable not long ago. Innovative ideas and forward-thinking pioneers in ICT have transformed society and industry on almost every level, and we envisage the possibilities in the future to be limitless. So what can you expect from the world of tomorrow?


Internet of Things in your vineyard

Can technology improve the quality of wine? Learn how winemakers use an IoT solution linked to the Ericsson Device Connection Platform.

In focus

City cars driving in the night


5G is the next chapter of the Networked Society, bringing a new way thinking and opening the door to generational changes in mobile technology.

people walking outside on a cloudy day


Ericsson Cloud enables businesses to transform operations and respond to rapidly changing market forces faster – while containing costs to be more competitive.

An IoT connected farm powered by Ericsson solutions


The Internet of Things (IoT) connects real world objects for unprecedented levels of insight and control in all environments. Our IoT solutions help companies create entirely new types of value, services, and business models.