No 5G without NFVi

Scale and performance requirements of 5G and IoT applications demand a different approach to digital infrastructure.

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Working with SDI from an operational perspective

Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) provides the capability to control and configure compute, storage, and networking hardware from a central management platform. Check the demo.

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Micro datacenters; what it is and why telcos need it

Telecom operators are in a good position to be part of the IoT value chain by utilizing their existing network assets. But one must go through a long checklist though to grab this opportunity. Utilizing micro-datacenters for current and new services is one of the checkboxes.

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How does software-defined infrastructure make NFVi better?

Telecom operators are investing in network functions virtualization (NFV) to improve speed, efficiency, and agility. At the same time, software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is gaining traction in the market. What is the relationship between SDI and NFV infrastructure (NFVi), and how does NFVi benefit from SDI?

The case for change

How Swisscom prepares for the future with virtualized core

Ericsson and Swisscom have been working in a collaborative model to transform Swisscom's core network through the deployment of a NFV infrastructure.

Industrializing NFV with Software-Defined Infrastructure - Read the paper from Ericsson and Intel

Telecommunications operators can deploy network functions virtualization and other general server workloads on the same platform.

How to bring NFV to life – the view of NTT DOCOMO

NTT DOCOMO has launched a multi-vendor NFV solution, expecting gains from a cost perspective, as well as speed and flexibility application delivery.

Build and evolve with these solutions

Infrastructure transformation is what Ericsson has always done. Now, we’re taking all that knowledge and capability of driving global industrialization and applying it to the future of cloud.

NFV Infrastructure 

Get a proven next step solution for evolving
towards 5G and IoT

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  • Increase speed, efficiency and agility when deploying new services

  • Reduce risk and shorten lead-time when transforming the network

  • Use as the solution for telecom, OSS, BSS, Media and IT applications

Software-Defined Infrastructure

Make NFV better through increased infrastructure flexibility, utilization and automation.

Distributed Cloud

Explore current and emerging applications that benefit from a Distributed Cloud.