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Capture the value of 5G

Capture the value of enterprise 5G

Boost enterprise productivity and flexibility, from startups to gigafactories.

5G for Business

Accomplish more with 5G

As architects of enhanced agility and resilience, CSPs are perfectly positioned to deliver high-performing enterprise solutions and services that help businesses succeed.

Our innovative technology helps businesses build resilience, innovate at speed and accomplish more with existing resources, sustainably. Ericsson’s true zero-trust security, backed by 5G, empowers CSPs to deliver robust Wireless WAN for public networks and personalized Private Networks. Our cutting-edge technology helps businesses form connections between people, buildings and objects so they can work more efficiently and in turn, accelerate business growth.

Be part of the telecom revolution and open the door to new business opportunities to catalyze success.

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Insights to drive your strategy

Laying the foundation for smart ports

Learn how Verizon Business built a private 5G cellular network for The Port of Virginia to enable autonomous trucking and to jumpstart smart ports technology.

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Using technology to power change

To mobilize a green transition, businesses need guaranteed, uninterrupted connectivity. Discover how North Star generated industry-wide change and social value using a connectivity platform.

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Redefining business decision-making

Imagine a world where you could explore the impact of changes or improvements before committing to them. Dive into the exciting technology of digital twins

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Increase safety, efficiency and sustainability with Private 5G

Journey into the world of 5G Trailblazers

Accomplish more with 5G

Port of Tyne had a clear vision – to create a green, smart port. Discover how they partnered with Ericsson to build a Private 5G wireless network and ushered in a new era for the maritime industry.

“ We can streamline our operations, improve safety and sustainability, and drive growth and innovation. “

Matthew Beeton, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Tyne

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Enhancing productivity with CJ Logistics

Find out how leading South Korean logistics company, CJ Logistics, is making significant efficiency gains and the innovative Private 5G technology that’s powering it.

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Advancing 5G computer vision with Hitachi

Learn how Hitachi is leading the manufacturing industry to innovate a groundbreaking computer vision solution with Ericsson's private 5G wireless, cloud, and AI/ML models.

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Business insight

Edge computing – a must for manufacturing

Moving beyond traditional connectivity-service models can push you ahead of competition. Explore our playbook to find out how 5G and edge computing are creating new revenue opportunities across manufacturing, gaming and entertainment, healthcare, retail and more.

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Our solutions

Private networks

Ensure end-to-end data protection, secure communications, and greater levels of agility with Private Networks.

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Mission Critical

Find out how we introduced advanced 5G services to market, at pace, for Australia’s leading telecommunications provider.

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Wireless WAN

Take control of your network and achieve real-time visibility with flexible and scalable Wireless WAN solutions.

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