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5G is open for business, let’s start innovating. With commercial consumer-based 5G networks already live around the globe, the next wave of 5G expansion will allow businesses of all types to reap the benefits of enhanced mobility, flexibility, reliability and security. The era of the 5G powered business is here – and with it an entirely new range of possibilities for service providers.


Accelerate 5G for business

Business embraces 5G for different reasons than consumers, which means we need to understand what 5G can do for business users. Sign up to our Practitioner’s Guide to get insights & tools on how to accelerate 5G for business. The guide is designed for service providers who are seeking compelling new ways to engage with business customers, and includes 9 actions to take already in 2020 to accelerate 5G onboarding.

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Capture new opportunities

What are the key capabilities needed for service providers to strengthen their enterprise position? We engaged with selected service providers globally to collect their experiences and insights. Get all details in our new report on how to capture 5G business opportunities beyond mobile broadband, along with an analysis on how to close readiness gaps and the 5 most critical areas to start with.

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Understanding the 5G powered business and the opportunities ahead

Explore the 5G business opportunities

5G for business: a 2030 market compass

Industry digitalization presents an addressable market potential of up to 700 BUSD for services enabled by 5G. This represents an additional 35% business opportunity on top of currently available services, according to our report 5G for business: a 2030 market compass. Download the report to find out more.

Serving the 5G powered business

70% of enterprises want to engage with service providers as digitalization transformation partners beyond traditional telecom, according to our enterprise survey. Get all insights from 25 key industry representatives and 1,100 enterprise IT decision makers who share their views on digitalization, their objectives and how they are trying to achieve them in our report.

Industry 4.0 Cost of Inaction and ROI report

Everybody talks about the value of Industry 4.0 but are the numbers ever quantified? ABI Research did an assessment of smart manufacturing and smart warehousing operations to do just that. One finding was that factory gross margins could be boosted by 5%, by using private cellular networks. Get all details in the study.


Industry digitalization is happening

Industry digitalization is already happening, opening up new opportunities for service providers. With 5G, industries all over the world can innovate and rise to their full potential. Explore a broad array of use cases and success stories where service providers have enabled smart business.

Smart factory: automation

Audi: Taking factory automation to the next level

Smart factory: safety

Audi: Safer vehicle production with 5G

Smart factory: real-time

ABB: Bringing 5G to the factory floor

Connected vehicles

Telstra & Lexus Australia: How can Cellular IoT improve road safety?

Smart office

Steelcase: Creating smart offices with 5G & IoT

Smart mining

Boliden: Mining automation and reduction of carbon emissions

Smart port

Smart port with 5G automation


Telesurgery improves medical resources in remote areas


Unlocking the enterprise market – key steps to success

We reveal the key capabilities that service providers need to capture industry digitalization opportunities, and identify the most critical places to start.

Podcast: 5G enterprise opportunities

What is needed to capture 5G opportunities beyond mobile broadband? Listen to our podcast to find out.

A practitioner’s guide to accelerate 5G for business

Read our new article where we’ve compiled nine strategic actions service providers can address to accelerate 5G for business in 2020.

For Ericsson & Verizon, a strong partnership makes 1+1=3

What happens when two creative brands unite their talent and resources? They’re able to produce something that is unique, experiential and visionary.

Turning the 5G powered business into a reality

The 5G powered business is a business that leverages 5G to transcend the possibilities of today, that uses 5G as a toolbox to solve business problems in new ways, and represent a new way of working and thinking.

There are some very important common characteristics that emerge when looking at the 5G powered business. For example:

  • It can run any process remotely, regardless of how critical it is
  • It has actual real-time control of every business process
  • Its operations have been automated
  • It uses compute resources where it makes sense, running applications on the edge where relevant.
  • It has an inherently higher security level without sacrificing overall performance.

Below you will find the key topics & offerings that will help you turn the 5G powered business into a reality

5g opportunities explained


Cellular IoT RAN solution

Explore diverse use cases ranging from asset tracking and smart metering to more advanced use cases such as drones, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles and collaborative robotics. Leverage existing and future 4G LTE and 5G NR capabilities for Massive IoT, Broadband IoT, Critical IoT and Industrial Automation IoT.

Private networks

Enable business-critical and mission-critical industrial use cases with 4G and 5G connectivity. Offer scalable and highly reliable solutions for industries and public safety agencies. Use automation and AI to boost network operation quality and efficiency.

IoT platform

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is a robust solution built to scale service providers IoT business by making it easy for their enterprise customers to connect and manage IoT devices locally and globally.

Enterprise communication

Make use of your existing internal network by providing communications services for enterprise segments with improved agility and customization. This means providing enterprises and industries with plug and play communications suites for high performance intra and extranet communication.

SD-WAN Orchestration

Expand the product portfolio and realize revenues through connectivity and value-added services. Enable a multi-domain orchestration that handles domains ranging from network access, to the backhaul transport, to the enterprise core, to 5G edge and network slices.

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