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Rise to your 5G business potential

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Our latest 5G business potential report: Set your compass now

Rise to your 5G business potential with our latest insights. As we turn towards 2020, we can say for certain that 5G is taking off - the time to act is now.

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5G for businesses

With consumer and personal communication-centric commercial 5G networks already live around the globe, the next wave of 5G expansion will allow businesses of all types to reap the benefits of enhanced mobility, flexibility, reliability, and security – taking IoT and industrial applications to never-before-seen levels. And there’s much more to explore!

Our latest report: The 5G for Business: a 2030 market compass

With 5G deployments now being underway across most geographies, Ericsson has conducted a new iteration of its study on how to realize the 5G industry digitalization business potential. This study reflects that the ICT industry at large has come to learn more than before, something visible in a redistribution between the market projection for business to consumers (B2C) vs business to business (B2B) services, as well as changes to the B2B use case clusters studied.

The expectations of significant growth in 5G B2B services is confirmed

With an addressable market projection extended in time, there is now a broader context for observations. Across 200+ use cases, 10 different industries and a set of 5G enabled use cases clusters, 18% of the total ICT addressable industry digitalization value and 47% of the 5G enabled B2B value can be addressed by service providers.

Global total 5G-enabled B2B opportunity for Communication Service Providers in 2030

2030 proportional share CAGR 2020-2030, Service creator role

Service providers could take different roles across different ecosystems, ranging from connectivity provisioning to B2B service delivery and end-user application creation. Across all roles, there is substantial potential to pursue, and service providers are expected to play an instrumental role in industry digitalization.

Service providers infograph - Ericsson 5G for business

Key to leverage the power of use case clusters: Upon entering new 5G B2B markets, addressing industries separately and looking at one use case at a time is not the most optimal way to create the synergies needed to be cost-competitive. Therefore, we have grouped use cases with similar attributes together to examine the opportunities also by use case type – or cluster – rather than only by industry. What we found is that that grouping the use cases together into 9 use case clusters covers around 90% of the market opportunity sized for service providers.

The journey to capture the value of 5G beyond mobile broadband starts now
Industry digitalization opens new opportunities for service providers to build and extend their businesses beyond connectivity. The 5G-IoT landscape offers enormous potential but is complex to navigate and demands a comprehensive understanding of the different driving forces and barriers for different industries in focus. The probability to be successful in capturing parts of this potential is higher in the next 5-7 years, when roles and market shares are established rather than later. Addressing these opportunities could enable service providers to unlock additional revenue streams of up to 35 percent, on top of the current scope of business by 2030.

The time to act is now in 4G and early 5G deployments
To build the momentum for this growth. It is key to invest in 4G, to excel in 5G. Here, private networks represent a very important first step and a fundament to build a momentum in serving a wide array of 5G-enabled use cases.

´5G for business – a compass´ describes Ericsson´s conclusions supporting service providers to navigate the competitive landscape and pursue opportunities across industries. The market research performed provides an indication of where value pools are and sets the direction for strategic planning and required activities to capture parts of this opportunity in the coming years.

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Ericsson: The natural choice for 5G

Vodafone and Ericsson continue to collaborate and innovate all over the world. Envisioning that 5G will be the era of IoT, Johan Wibergh, CTO of Vodafone, explains why Ericsson is the perfect fit for their 5G future.

Key topics

Edge Computing

Edge computing with distributed cloud enables the introduction of latency sensitive and bandwidth demanding services through distributing compute, storage and networking resources from central datacenters closer to end users and devices. Ericsson estimates that 25% of service providers’ 5G opportunity is depending on edge computing.

Network slicing

Network slicing is one of the key capabilities that will enable flexibility in future mobile networks, as it allows multiple logical networks to be created on top of a common shared physical infrastructure. Network slicing has significant benefits for a number of industries, such automotive, manufacturing and transport, by providing different efficiencies in latency and speed depending on service requirements.

Cellular IoT evolution for industry digitalization

Cellular IoT has been widely adopted across the globe, with 2G and 3G connectivity enabling many early IoT applications. Greater bandwidth, lower latency and increased support for large volumes of devices per cell are coming to the market with 4G offerings. These will be enhanced further with the arrival of 5G networks, initially enabled by the 5G New Radio (NR) standard, which will enable Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) that support increasingly critical applications.

Realize new business models with private networks

From owning and operating their own networks, industries with critical communication needs are now procuring private networks and services that leverage service providers’ existing network assets and operations.

Industry 4.0 - Connectivity is the foundation

Industries are under constant pressure – to improve product quality, boost factory efficiency, stay competitive, enhance safety, security and sustainability, and remain profitable.

Automotive - Connected Vehicles

Are you ready to stand out in the world of new mobility? Use connectivity to amplify your brand's unique personality and strengthen your position on the automotive market. Ericsson makes connectivity easy for vehicle manufacturers. Let’s take this journey together.

Internet of Things (IoT)

From cellular IoT and 5G to connected vehicles and Industry 4.0: it’s all happening, now. But, to realize the full potential of these opportunities, you need intelligent tools. Tools that make it easy to connect and deploy devices across global ecosystems.

Featured blogpost

SD-WAN Orchestration

Capture the opportunity to expand the product portfolio and realize revenues through connectivity and value-added services. As 5G and edge starts rolling out and network slicing becomes a necessity, SD-WAN will evolve into an end-to-end network fabric. Ensure a multi-domain orchestration that handles domains ranging from network access, to the backhaul transport, to the enterprise core, to 5G edge and network slices.

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Cellular IoT RAN solution

Explore diverse use cases ranging from asset tracking and smart metering to more advanced use cases such as drones, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles and collaborative robotics. Leverage existing and future 4G LTE and 5G NR capabilities for Massive IoT, Broadband IoT, Critical IoT and Industrial Automation IoT.

Private Networks

Enable business-critical and mission-critical industrial use cases with 4G and 5G connectivity. Offer scalable and highly reliable solutions for industries and public safety agencies. Use automation and AI to boost network operation quality and efficiency.

IoT Platform

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is a robust solution built to scale service providers IoT business by making it easy for their enterprise customers to connect and manage IoT devices locally and globally.

Enterprise Communication

Make use of your existing internal network by providing communications services for enterprise segments with improved agility and customization. This means providing enterprises and industries with plug and play communications suites for high performance intra and extranet communication.