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Sensors networks

5G technology will expand business opportunities and business models through monitoring, tracking and automation capabilities on a large scale. From connected farms and agriculture to smart cities and buildings, 5G technology reduces costs, improves efficiency and provides real-time data in amazing new ways.
man standing in a vineyard checking an IoT sensor


5G will allow the IoT (Internet of Things) era to become a reality by breaking constraints and capturing information in new ways. For instance, sensors will be able to be implemented throughout farms allowing for crops to communicate moisture and fertilization needs. While utility companies will be able to monitor and report on energy useage. Thus, improving the reliability and sustainability of energy production and distribution.

Technology enablers

5G radio access

  • Device cost

  • Significantly reduced signalling overhead – device energy consumption

  • Soft-SIM or no-SIM operation

  • Reliability

  • Coverage & spectrum efficiency

5G core network

  • QoS functions

  • Network slices

5G management & orchestration
  • Orchestration of a big amount of data and input interfaces

  • Common view for all the utility/infrastructure suppliers

  • Co-relate and process different inputs for fast response

  • Data analytics – business inteligence

Target users

  • Municipalities
  • Farm
  • Agriculture
  • Water and electricity distributors

Opportunity areas

  • Agriculture & environment
  • Smart buildings & cities
  • Consumers & utilities

5G technology brings

  • Efficiency - smart grid, asset tracking
  • Eco-system scalability
  • Security
  • Business intelligence
  • Sustainability