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Our colleagues make us one of the leading IT and telco companies of the country with their expertise in telecommunication, information technology research and software development. They develop several products for the global telecommunication market, working with trending technologies, such as IoT, 5G, big data, cloud and future network security.

Read the collection of blogpost published by our Hungarian colleagues.

How to manage massive number of firmware updates in NB-IoT networks

The firmware of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is updated regularly in many NB-IoT deployments. The update process downloads the firmware to the NB-IoT device over the cellular network. This poses a challenge if there are thousands of devices in the cells because the aggregated download traffic can easily overload the cell. In this blog post we explore a few methods to help manage firmware updates of a large device population over the cellular network.

5G takes gaming to new levels

Nothing brings gamers together like a bit of competition. Our colleagues from Ericsson Hungary could experience that at first hand as they compared their skills with professional esports players in Telekom’s nationwide esports competition held on November 7.

Ericsson's 30 years in Hungary

Ericsson is a leading player in telecommunications in Hungary, at the forefront of network technology, research and development, education and innovation. Watch our video on the most important achievements of 30 years and learn some interesting things about us in our latest blog post!

Rethink networks, reimagine cloud – Cloud in 5G Radio Network

Gabriella Mészáros-Illés, Line Manager, Global Support Center in Hungary

Changes continuously can be seen in the industry, a lot of focus has been put on the different form of Open RAN solutions by the industry itself. Cloud RAN technology is a fundamentally good complement to the existing solutions that we have and something that will take us closer to the networks of the future. 

Building blocks of a secure network

Péter Orbán, Line Manager, Component Development Unit introduces the building blocks of a secure network

With microservices, a well-functioning security solution can be deployed quickly in a wide range of products, as can other frequently used features - significantly improving product and service development efficiency and security. 

IoT Accelerator

Szabolcs Dobra, IoT Site Representative on Ericsson IoT Accelerator (IoTA)

Connected devices combined with a reliable connectivity. An easy to use solution that is provided as a service for mobile operators and enterprises within Internet of Things (IoT) business.

A new generation of indoor positioning

Róbert Varga, Product Development Leader

Thanks to Ericsson’s newly developed technology, you will soon say goodbye to Bluetooth and wi-fi based indoor positioning.

Powering up security

Sándor Szilágyi, Technical Line Manager at the Budapest Research & Development Center

5G and IoT is driving network evolution to new levels, placing network security in the spotlight.

MINI-LINK microwave transmitter

Krisztina Nagy, Section Manager and István Honvári, Product Owner

MINI-LINK microwave transmitter family, developed by Hungarian engineers provides a basis for mobile networks in 180 countries.

Private Telecom Network: all in one

Imre Boda, Head of the Global Support Center in Hungary

Ericsson is leading the way in compact versions of the public telecom networks, that offer enterprises and institutions tremendous performance and extreme reliability.

Next generation network security

Péter Keil, former Head of Product Development at Ericsson Packet Core in Hungary

Ericsson's Hungarian experts are actively involved in building robust lines of defense to ensure the security of next generation networks.

Ericsson’s machine learning solution

Zoltán Nyesev, Section Manager and Ábel Vámos, Strategic Product Manager

Ericsson’s machine learning analytics solution becoms an automatic immune system of the network by informing network operators not only about current problems but also about potential errors expected to occur later.

Dedicated core network is the cornerstone of secure IoT

Szabolcs Dobra, IoT Site Representative on Ericsson IoT Accelerator (IoTA) 

The ever-growing IoT networks that interconnect masses of devices now carry a wealth of highly sensitive information, from health data to the geographical location of vehicles and people - it is no coincidence that in many places the IoT network is considered a critical national infrastructure.