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Welcome to a video series exploring how the technologies of the future will fundamentally change our lives and communities.

City of the future: Public Transport

If a bus is silent and emission free, can you build the bus stops indoors? This is exactly what has been done in Gothenburg, where the buses are also connected. (Recorded in early January 2020)

City of the future: Rescue Services

In situations where minutes and even seconds matter, new technology and 5G could prove to be a lifesaver for emergency response agencies. One example of this is this autonomous drone.

City of the future: Living

Smarter, sustainable, and also more comfortable. All this should be applicable to our future homes. But how do we get there? A lot of the answers could be found in this house.

City of the future: Energy

The electrification of our cities requires new digital solutions, so that electricity is available when needed, where it is needed. One way to get there may be through a energy trading platform; an FED.

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