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Transformative impact of 5G on education

Education has been identified by UNESCO as a basic human right. But worldwide 244 million children and youth are still out of school for social, economic, and cultural reasons. Covid 19 pandemic further aggravated this with many schools and colleges shutting down. However, the pandemic has also been a catalyst for digital adoption in the education sector.

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Digitalization to drive sustainable development

Digital transformation is already a global engine of sustainable economic growth and, undoubtedly, 5G will be a socio-economic driver for India. The enhanced speed, security and resilience offered by 5G will provide stimulus for local industry to innovate and digitize rapidly, creating significant economic value for the country. Connected, digital enterprises not only tend to thrive and generate jobs, but also contribute to government revenues and efforts to tackle climate change.

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Ericsson demonstrates the transformational power of 5G at the India Mobile Congress 2022

Ericsson India was the proud principal partner for the India Mobile Congress, held in New Delhi from 1 to 4 October 2022 which was inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narender Modi along with other government and industry leaders.

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4G/5G wireless networks to drive digitalization across industries

We are seeing a massive digitalization wave taking place across industries with reliable and secure connectivity serving as the foundation. In this article, we talk about how connectivity is benefiting the Oil and Gas sector as well as the mining sector globally.

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Using 5G to bring digital access to students in India

5G connectivity can help make schooling more effective, bring learning to millions of students in rural and remote parts of India, and promote economic growth.

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5G brings to life immersive sports experience

Fans across the world increasingly want unlimited, uninterrupted, and immersive experience to enjoy their favorite sports, whether they are cheering for their team at a stadium or watching a live game on their TV sets. Immersive experiences with 5G are set to elevate the live match excitement of viewers in India to a different level. Here is how 5G will open new possibilities in sports.

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Powering Digital India with 5G

Today’s factories are in the midst of an ongoing shift in the technology they employ. Even while deploying a variety of advanced machines to aid efficiency and automation, they rely on the outmoded use of ethernet cables to send important data. These machines could deliver far more value if they were connected to and managed by reliable wireless networks.

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Revolutionizing the healthcare Industry in India

5G is providing essential levels of connectivity to revolutionize the healthcare industry

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