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Redefining business in India with connectivity

Imagine working smarter not harder. With 5G powered smart factories, it’s Possible.
Redefining business in India with connectivity

Ericsson is creating an India of limitless connectivity, with today’s 4G and tomorrow’s 5G networks to digitally transform India’s industries for the better.

In India, we are already laying the foundation for digital transformation in the Enterprise space. Our collaboration with Capgemini to set up a 5G lab for industries in Mumbai reflects our commitment and vision for India. We are also pioneering AR based remote support and drone based real-time inventory tracking at the Ericsson Factory in Pune. In addition, our 5G Smart Factory in the United States is a shining example of how 5G enabled smart businesses can gain massive benefits in terms of sustainability, productivity as well as efficiency.

With 5G enabled digitalization projected to be a $17 billion opportunity by 2030, the country has massive potential in the enterprise space. Smart enterprises powered by the next generation network will be a key economic multiplier enabling the vision of a ‘Digital India’ come true.

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