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Powering the next level of live entertainment experiences

Imagine live entertainment taken to a new level of reality. With 5G enabled extended reality, it’s Possible.
Powering the next level of live entertainment experiences

At Ericsson we are unlocking limitless connectivity in India, taking you to the heart of the action from wherever you are. With the power of technology such as extended reality combined with today’s 4G and future 5G networks, we are blending the virtual and real worlds unleashing a whole new dimension in sports entertainment that has never been seen before.

Weather it is enhancing the in-stadium experience or powering a remote experience that’s as good as being in the stadium, we are paving the way to enable a new era of entertainment that’s smarter, more interactive, real, personalized and available anytime, anywhere.

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Redefining the nature of experiences

Explore how connectivity and hardware innovations will power more immersive and personalized experiences and increase inclusion and shareability.

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