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Connect to Learn technology

Connect To Learn implements ICT in schools often in resource poor settings to enhance the quality and access to teaching and learning resources in a safe, cost effective, and user friendly way. The program uses the power of mobility, broadband and cloud solutions to provide students and teachers with access to the libraries and information sources the world has to offer while connecting schools to schools, students to students, and teachers to teachers around the globe to support collaborative learning, social awareness, and cultural sharing.

The Connect To Learn technology infrastructure can be described as having multiple layers, consisting of the following distinct components:

Infrastructure and cloud

Providing good Internet connectivity, through mobile communications infrastructure and services is one of the fundamental inputs that Ericsson will bring to the program. This will be done by connecting schools to the Internet over wireless Internet access in Mobile Broadband (MBB) as well as leveraging Ericsson’s expertise in Cloud hosting and Content Management.

Mobile broadband infrastructure

As a pre-requisite for Connect To Learn, a 3G Mobile Broadband connection is considered a minimum standard for schools and as part of the program, Ericsson can provide the channel in which to partner with local Mobile Network Operators to secure connectivity.

Cloud hosting and content solution

The Connect To Learn Content Management Solution is deployed in the most appropriate cloud hosting environment, ensuring maximum content and platform availability as well as redundancy and risk management.

The cloud content solution from Ericsson will also be used to support the acceleration of content being downloaded. This solution will also optimize the use of available bandwidth making it efficient and cost-effective for the schools and the supporting mobile network.

Content management solution

The Connect to Learn Content Management Solution provides an online easy to use environment, accessible from any mobile device where educational content is optimized in terms of quality, size and depending on the capability of the hardware. All educational resources developed as part of the program, including any third party content that is licensed, will be hosted on this content management system, and the platform provides a dashboard that is available for monitoring the usage of both the technology and user analytics.