Our people

Our people are key to ensuring Ericsson’s future success and our continued technology leadership. We focus on attracting the best talent, supporting competence development and enabling a work culture that supports our people to bring out the best version of Ericsson.

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Our people philosophies

Our people philosophies are essentially our “rules of the road”. Giving you a clear understanding of why we do the things we do, in the way we do them. From ways of working to the processes that help us in our daily work, there is rationale behind them.

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Diversity and inclusion

Ericsson believes that diverse inclusive teams drive performance and innovation, creating greater business value. Diversity and inclusion are some of the most important building blocks of our company and they are fundamental to our business development, our company culture and our core values. In the light of the changing global environment, we believe that the role of an inclusive and diverse workplace, will be even more critical in the future.

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Life at Ericsson

We'll help you design your future. You'll help us design the world’s.

Our culture and values

At Ericsson we share three core values: Respect, Professionalism, Perseverance. These values matter because they have become established within our business over 140 years of history.

Career development

When joining us at Ericsson, you become part of the team that's shaping the next innovation platform, right here and now. A place where you won't develop for the status quo but will build what will replace it.

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