Our people

Our people are key to ensuring Ericsson’s future success and our continued technology leadership. We focus on attracting the best talent, supporting competence development and enabling a work culture that supports our people to bring out the best version of Ericsson.

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Our people strategy

Our people strategy consists of three central elements: culture, collaboration and capabilities.

  • Culture: This involves performing at our best to increase speed and simplicity and to drive business results; a diverse and inclusive environment; and our core values of professionalism, respect and perseverance.
  • Collaboration: This involves digital enterprise ways of working; sharing knowledge to drive innovation; and being the best brand ambassador for Ericsson.
  • Capabilities: This involves building organizational capability and top competence to create and deliver the best solutions, as well as change makers to drive profitability.
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Our culture

Our core values – professionalism, respect and perseverance – define our company culture, and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.

Career development

We support employees with clear development plans and a range of training opportunities including classroom learning, on-the-job training, mentoring and ad hoc learning and development initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion

To create the game-changing technology that is needed in a fully connected world, we must continue to recognize and unleash the potential of the diverse bright minds that make up this company.

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