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Ericsson takes a strong zero tolerance stance on the subject of corruption. At Ericsson, we have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. This guiding principle is embedded at the highest levels of the company and implemented through a comprehensive set of policies and processes. This also applies to our suppliers in the form of our Supplier Anti-Corruption program, at the heart of which lies our Supplier Integrity Screening tool.

In order to proactively monitor and prevent potential cases of bribery and corruption, we employ the services of a global supplier integrity screening tool. The tool, which is owned by Dow Jones , helps us to proactively identify cases of anti-corruption throughout our supply chain. All suppliers, whether big or small, local or global, go through the frequent and periodic screening of the tool, which checks for potential cases involving questionable and undesired practices such as money laundering, bribery, corruption, economic sanctions and so on.

Potential cases are flagged, escalated and then reviewed for relevancy. Appropriate action is taken depending on the severity of the case and can include dismissal of a supplier.