Sustainability reporting

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report 2018 is rendered as a separate report added to the Ericsson Annual Report 2018 in accordance with the Annual Accounts Act ((SFS 1995:1554) chapter 6, section 10 and 11). The report has been assured by PwC, independent third party, according to Far Rev R6 Assurance of Sustainability Reports issued by FAR as well as AA1000AS (2018) issued by AccountAbility. PwC also has performed an audit of Greenhouse Gas emissions data regarding Ericsson’s own activities.

Part of the scope of the PwC assurance consists of a review of the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility reporting in accordance with GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. Ericsson Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility 2018 report has been produced in accordance to UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights Reporting Framework.

Ericsson has been a signatory since 2000. We report our Communication on Progress annually and according to the Advanced Level criteria since 2012. Please see Ericsson UN Global Compact profile and our Communication on Progress (COP).

An effective reductions strategy for carbon emissions is integral to our operations. Our efforts are disclosed to CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project. Read the 2018 CDP report.