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Empowering Tanzania's Digital Leadership for Africa’s Sustainable Future

Vice President and Head of Ericsson South and East Africa

Todd Ashton, Vice President and Head of Customer Unit South and East Africa at Ericsson Middle East and Africa

Vice President and Head of Ericsson South and East Africa

Vice President and Head of Ericsson South and East Africa

Africa’s digital landscape has experienced substantial growth over the past decade. This remarkable progress is attributed to a number of factors, including the widespread digital transformation across various regions and individual countries. Tanzania, which hosts about 4.5% of the entire African population, continues to exhibit an exceptional dedication to leveraging technology for socio-economic advancement. Its commitment not only stands as a remarkable achievement but also serves as a significant contributor to the overall digital transformation narrative of Africa.

Tanzania's digital journey is marked by significant milestones. According to the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority, the number of telecom subscriptions increased by 3.6% from 61.9 million in March 2023 to 64.1 million as of end of June 2023. Tanzania's internet penetration stood at 31.6 percent of the total population at the start of 2023, according to

The country’s digital drive extends to its governance and citizen support. Central to the nation's digital transformation is its e-government strategy, which focuses on digitizing government service delivery. Significant initiatives like the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG), the Government Mobile Platform Citizens Portal (m-GOV), and the Tanzania Customs Integrated System (TANCIS) have not only improved transparency but also minimized revenue losses while enhancing financial oversight within the government.

Our expertise in telecommunications infrastructure has played a paramount role in building the foundation and connectivity for the dynamic telecom industry, which was valued at $2 billion in 2022.

Pioneering Digital Access and Innovation

Ericsson’s history with Tanzania spans over two decades and began with the launch of the country's first 2G network in 2000. Since then, we have remained a key partner in driving Tanzania's digitalization ambitions through the provision of essential network infrastructure equipment and technology solutions. In a recent partnership announcement, Ericsson has been selected to launch 5G and to fully modernize and expand the existing 4G network across the country.

Driving Financial Inclusion Through Mobile Money

Tanzania has witnessed a transformation in financial services, particularly for those with limited access to traditional banking. According to the GSMA, mobile money adoption increased from 60% of the population in 2017 to 72% in 2023. As of December 2022, Tanzania had over 40 million mobile money accounts. Ericsson's Wallet Platform played a pivotal role in driving this financial inclusion milestone.

Education and Digital Skills Development

Our commitment extends to digital skills development, particularly for the youth, through our Graduate Program in Tanzania. This initiative equips graduates with technical skills, providing exposure to Ericsson's technology, solutions, and delivery processes, shaping a prosperous future for all.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

We are also leading the way with technological innovations that will help reduce network energy usage. Ericsson is addressing the ever-growing demand for data traffic and the needs of current and future 5G networks.

Through our Product Take-Back (PTB) management program, we collaborate with our customers, including in Tanzania, to recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with high environmental standards.

Tanzania's digitalization journey underscores the profound impact of mobile connectivity and technology in transforming lives and communities. We will continue to lay the foundation for a sustainable, interconnected, and prosperous future, not just for Tanzania but the continent in line with our #AfricaInMotion vision.

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