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The benefits of Ericsson Software as a Service

Operators are facing several key challenges in their transformations journey. One key challenge is the sheer complexity of the digital transformation itself that forces operators to invest in several technologies and competencies simultaneously.

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A faster path to become a true digital telco

Software as a Service (SaaS) provides a shortcut to these operators, where Ericsson helps offload some of these tasks and investments, and enables operators to focus on their core competencies and customer experiences.

SaaS provides operators with a faster path to become a true digital telco. Ericsson is building a common Software as a Service platform that provides flexible capacity, low risk, predictable spend and continuous improvements through analytics capabilities. Read more about digital transformation in the telecom industry.


A leader in the SaaS space

Ericsson is an established leader in the SaaS space with leading offerings such as Network Management as a Service (NMaaS), and will continue to drive offerings in 2018 with Revenue Management as well as connectivity services.

See the full video of Niklas Carlheim-Muller, Head of Software as a Service at Ericsson, to learn more!


Want to know more about how Network Management as a Service can help operators succeed by delivering unrestricted capacity, superior network performance, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), minimal risk and faster time to market? Register for the webinar on network management aaS with Neil Garnett on April 5th!


Learn more about Ericsson’s OSS products at the Automated Network Operations page, or read more about how to transform your business through 'as a Service'.

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