The rising demand for ´as a Service´ solutions

Software as a Service has been around for ages, but has recently found to be a focus for telecom operators globally. Several reasons have contributed to a rise in demand for ‘as a Service’ delivery. There has been an increase in general adoption of enterprise SaaS models, with more and more critical infrastructure being involved.

‘As a Service’ – why now?

At the same, cloud technologies are maturing at a rapid pace while Capex constraints are on the rise. Telecoms are increasingly looking for delivery models that are not Capex intensive. Finally, SaaS and, specifically, Network Management as a Service, allows operators to address rapidly evolving network requirements, and achieve improved efficiencies by allowing frequent updates and essentially eliminating the worry of life-cycle management of the software.

Ericsson future digital The rising demand for as a service solutions

aaS in telecoms

The benefits of 'as a Service' solutions

Ericsson, a leader in the ‘as a Service’ domain, understands these trends well. The benefits of ‘as a Service’ are well known including faster Time to Benefit (TTB), reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), scalability, speed of deployment, and significantly lower risk. However, Ericsson differentiates its value with multiple additional benefits such as leveraging economies of scale, enabling frequent updates, market differentiation, rapid response to customer needs, as well as highly predictable revenues.

The Ericsson ‘as a Service’ platform focuses on four main areas – Digital Engagement (BSS or Business Support Systems), Automated Operations (OSS or Operations Support Systems), Digital Service and Ecosystems, and Programmable Networks.

Ericsson has already demonstrated its ‘as a Service’ leadership globally over 26 core network deployments, 5 Network Management ´as a Service´ deployments, as well as over 3000 enterprise customers, 12 million connected devices, presence in 15 data centers.

Network Management as a Service

An important ‘as a Service’ offering from Ericsson is Network Management as a Service that can help operators succeed by:

  • Delivering unrestricted capacity
  • Superior network performance
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Minimal risk and faster time to market

Want to learn more on Ericsson Network Management aaS? View Neil Garnett – Senior Program Manager at Ericsson, giving the latest updates in this online webinar.

View the webinar

You can also check out in depth the Ericsson OSS portfolio about Network Automation and more details on Network Management as a Service at our Network Management Services page.



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