DNA solves the customer experience challenge using Ericsson Expert Analytics

Recognizing that keeping and expanding its customer base is the key to succeeding in a highly competitive marketplace, Finnish service provider DNA took strong, decisive action to prevent it from losing customers due to a poor customer experience. The company implemented Ericsson Expert Analytics, an automated, big data analytics solution that’s designed to help service providers improve their customer experience, network performance, and the overall perception of their quality of service in the marketplace.

The need for a high-quality user experience

These days, service providers need to deliver a high-quality, personalized customer experience or risk losing their customers to competitors. A Digital Insights Survey conducted by Ovum in 2017 found that after “saving money” and “increasing bandwidth speed,” the third most popular reason for switching ISPs was to receive “better customer service.” [Ovum, Enterprise Case Study: Solving the Customer Experience Challenge, July 17, 2018]

DNA is now a leading example of how CSPs can rely on the Ericsson Expert Analytics platform to provide timely visibility of their overall service picture, from the individual user’s experience up to an assessment of the performance across their entire network.


Automation of complex processes

By automating the complex process of gathering, correlating, and interpreting—in near real time—vast amounts of data, including key business and technical performance data from otherwise siloed sources across the enterprise, Ericsson Expert Analytics now gives DNA’s front-line care agents a wealth of information and insights that they can use to address and resolve a greater number of customer inquiries and issues on the first call.

When first-line care agents do not have to refer matters to higher level customer and technical service reps, problems can be remedied faster, and the customer’s perception of receiving optimal service is enhanced. Using the Ericsson solution, DNA has reported a 90% reduction in the number of escalations.

DNA’s employees also benefitted, particularly care agents who can now speak more knowledgeably with customers and feel more confident in their ability to provide excellent service. DNA’s network technicians not only keep the network operations humming along efficiently, they can also use insights from Ericsson Expert Analytics to proactively detect and resolve potential issues before they become apparent to customers.


Value for upselling

DNA’s product marketing, management, and promotions teams can also capitalize on this same big data analytics resource to more effectively market their service and strategically up-sell higher value features to customers. And, DNA’s corporate management can better plan where and how to build out the network to further benefit the customer experience and the bottom line.

Want to read more about this case study and how DNA leveraged big data and analytics to gain visibility into—and enhance—the customer experience?

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The story doesn’t end there. Ericsson continues to work closely with DNA to expand the installation, add functionality, and fine-tune the solution’s capabilities to meet the CSPs' changing needs. Together, the two companies are working towards a future implementation utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. These advancements promise to further automate the big data analytics process to achieve even better network performance and a higher quality customer service experience.

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