The top 3 complexity challenges of 2019

Most things are created without the intention to become complicated. But complexity seems to sneak in anyway...

Black and white photo from the 1800s, showing Stockholm covered by telephone wires

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For a quite visual example, take a look at that photo above.

That is Stockholm in 1887, when telephone lines darkened the sky. When telephone lines were first created to be used this way above ground, no one could imagine that by the late 1800s, Sweden would be the most telephone-dense country in the world, and Stockholm would have more telephones than any other major cities.  

No one planned for there to be a giant net of telephone lines over the city but there you go—complexity snuck in anyway.

There is no shame is admitting that some things have become overly complex. The important thing is to recognize it, and begin thinking of ways to simplify.

So without further ado…

Your Top 3 Complexity Challenges for 2019


The Internet of Things is certainly expanding at an amazing rate and this will only accelerate as 5G availability increases.

According to our November 2018 Mobility Report, by 2024, the number of connected devices is forecasted to exceed  22 billion.  What’s more is that this year, we expect to see telecom service providers going to the next IoT level, by offering enterprises not only the ability to manage connected devices, but also managing and securing those devices’ entire lifecycles. How will organizations manage all the levels of complexity? 

Black and white historical photo


It's an easy understatement to say that security of the networks has become a major priority.

The telecom network is evolving and is quickly becoming integrated into every kind of industry. It’s not just about connecting smartphones anymore: we need to connect everything from self-driving cars to high-performing industrial robots. This drives the need to change how enterprises and service providers think about security. Massive value is at the table but the security aspect will make or break the possibility to capture it. How do you make sure you have all the correct security solutions in place, without over-complicating your systems?

Historical black and white photo of men looking at massives of cabels


We're saving the best for last. A lot has been said about 5G and how important it is--but there is no denying that many are concerned about it increasing complexity.

5G is a technology transformation for operators striving for more flexibility and speed in network deployment—and with an expectation of being able to address new business opportunities with use cases beyond mobile broadband (MBB).

Mobile network operators that deploy 5G must be able to support user equipment, radio network, core network and management products that are manufactured by a multitude of device and network equipment vendors. With multiple connectivity options, there is a high risk that different operators will deploy different options, in a different order.

The complexity caused by a multitude of deployed connectivity options would also have an impact on the E2E testing of services in the operator network, including both existing services like voice as well as new ones.

Furthermore, the higher the number of options deployed, the more complex and time consuming it will be for the operator community to establish 5G roaming in the industry.

Historical image of men working on a series of telephone wires that is collapsing

So what’s next?

As the famous adage goes, admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing the problem.

To use another cliché, remember that every coin has two sides. A lot of the complexity challenges are actually great opportunities for making business simpler and more straight forward, it just depends on how you chose the path ahead.

As for us here at Ericsson, we’re on a quest to make technology easy to use, adapt and scale. To build an ecosystem together with our customers were change is easy, where standards are global, and where the full value of connectivity can be realized faster than ever.

We’re determined to cut through complexity. Join us on our quest for easy at Mobile World Congress 2019.

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