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Explore the latest from Mobile World Congress 2023

Explore the latest from Mobile World Congress 2023

February 27 – March 2, 2023

Mobile World Congress 2023

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Missed out being part of Ericsson at MWC? Get the updates and insights here.


Watch the MWC 2023 Ericsson Imagine Live kickoff with Börje Ekholm

This year, in our Ericsson Imagine live broadcast series from Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, watch Ericsson’s President and CEO Börje Ekholm in conversation with industry and company experts to address the four main challenges that our industry faces.

  • Growing demand for capacity, more efficient use of the open network, and cloud-based scale with Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger
  • 5G monetization
  • The emerging opportunity of network APIs
  • Using technology to mitigate climate crisis

Watch the full MWC 2023 Ericsson Imagine Live kickoff here

The latest from the Ericsson booth at MWC

MWC 2023: Ericsson demos unlock new possibilities

Lisa Elénius Taylor, Head of Unifying Value Propositions

Ericsson fulfills the promise of 5G, becoming the biggest ever platform for innovation, capable of exponential positive impact on our society. With Ericsson demos, discover new 5G monetization pathways enabling positive revenue growth for communication service providers and learn about new business opportunities.

MWC 2023: Ericsson future technology experience​

Johan Lundsjö, Strategic Research Communication Director

Ericsson's intelligent 6G networks enable secure and resilient connections among humans, enterprises, and mission-critical infrastructures. With limitless connectivity, advanced cognitive technology, and trustworthy networks, we experience a world beyond 2030. A sneak peek into the future of transforming networks!

MWC 2023: Walk and talk with Erik Ekudden

Erik Ekudden, CTO, SVP & Head of Technology & Strategy

Join Ericsson’s CTO Erik Ekudden live from Mobile World Congress as he speaks about Ericsson’s position as a market leader in technology, transforming the industry with high-performing networks and energy efficient technology, at the same time securing strong influence over domains like AI and automation.

GSMA sessions

MWC 2023: Delivering the digital decade

Börje Ekholm in his keynote at GSMA discusses the potential of the digital decade to create a new era of innovation and progress, where technology can make our lives better, more efficient, and ever more connected. With advancements in AI, 5G, cloud services and other key offerings, we continue to transform the way we interact with the world.

MWC 2023: Opening up the power of the network

At the GSMA session, Ericsson’s CTO Erik Ekudden with Savinay Berry, EVP Product & Engineering, Vonage explore the next wave of API innovation to seamlessly connect decentralized Web 3.0 applications between the virtual cloud universes and physical mobile networks. Using advanced B2B and B2C use cases, they focused on new 5G network APIs that can efficiently manage network complexity and provide easy access and integration for developers and mobile operators. 

MWC 2023: Going green: Are we meeting the targets?

Can 5G and other technologies such as AI, virtualization and cloud play a significant role in achieving net-zero targets by 2050?  Hear from Freddie Södergren, Ericsson’s Vice President and Head of Technology and Strategy for Business Area Networks in discussion with other industry experts at the GSMA conference, where we discover the answers to these pressing questions, while taking a closer look at various contributing factors including, investment in renewable energy and reusing and reducing waste to build a circular economy.

MWC 2023: How are digital twins driving network transformation?

With so many steps needed to implement new digital networks, such as designing, testing, optimizing, and provisioning, how can this development be maintained or even accelerated? In the GSMA session, Ericsson’s Ebru Kirac, Vice President and Head of Network Deployment Offering Evolution, talks about the crucial role of Digital Twin in the modeling, and fine-tuning of today’s telecoms innovation, ensuring faster, more efficient, and sustainable transformation to the network infrastructure of tomorrow.


Monetize 5G

Monetize 5G

With 230 5G networks in commercial service, and with 1 billion 5G subscriptions around the world, service providers are entering into a new phase in their 5G commercialization plan.

5G for consumers   |   5G for business  |   Ericsson Mobility Report Business Review edition

Accelerate Networks

Accelerate Networks

As networks evolve into global mobile infrastructures, CSPs need to make strategic choices now to fully realize the opportunities of networks in advanced digitalization

5G networks

Transform Enterprise

Transform enterprise

Industries worldwide are embracing digital transformation to stay competitive and pursue new growth opportunities.

Enterprise  |  5G and private networks transforming enterprises  |  The value of 5G WWAN lies in layers  |  Opening 5G networks to app developers

Vision and future tech

Vision and future tech

By 2030, we expect to enable a cyber-physical continuum blending the real physical world of sense, action  and experience with a programmable digital representation of the world around us.

New world of possibilities   |   Future technologies

Our latest portfolio launches

Connect anytime, anywhere! Discover Ericsson's new portfolios that enable a world where limitless connectivity means limitless possibilities. The cutting-edge portfolios of products, services, and solutions meets the needs of millions of service providers, enterprises, and subscribers, enabling them to stay ahead in a fast-paced and dynamic ecosystem.

Do more with less

Introducing Ericsson’s new range of products and solutions across RAN and 5G Transport portfolios, which covers energy-efficient ultralight remote radios, ultra-wideband Massive MIMO radios, high-capacity transport solutions, and software for boosted performance and energy efficiency.

See what's new

 Millions of buildings: one solution

Connect anywhere, anytime. Our new suite of indoor hardware and software make indoor 5G easier to deploy, scale, and monetize than ever before.  

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