How do you build a high-capacity, reliable network and a sustainable 5G site? Here’s the answer

With the advent of 5G, the criticality of networks has become as significant as their capacity. And building a high capacity 5G Site with a heightened degree of reliability means ensuring that site infrastructure meets a whole series of stringent requirements. Here’s a look at how Ericsson has implemented the best building practices and design methodology to equip the modern 5G Site with mission critical support systems and future-proof hardware – with both sustainability and safety top of mind.

How do you build high capacity, reliable and a sustainable 5G Site? Find out the answer?

RAN Site Solution Lead S&TSS

RAN Site Solution Lead S&TSS

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Building a modern 5G Site requires dense power systems and higher thermal capacity so the high-performance Ericsson Radio System (ERS) RAN Compute hardware can be housed safely. Baseband pooling and C-RAN schemes also put tougher requirements on the enclosure systems that house active electronics in harsh environments.

Introducing ERS Enclosure gen 2

ERS Enclosure gen 2 has been added to the ERS Site portfolio – not only meeting but exceeding the infrastructure requirements for today’s 5G Site. The latest enclosures have increased power density and thermal capacity, as well as rackspace for high-capacity sites, ensuring that the deployment of hardware remains as straightforward as possible. Enclosures may be complemented with pre-verified ERS Site Lithium Ion Batteries (both 19-inch and Rail Mount IP65).

With all current generations of Ericsson enclosures, the highest industry efficiency levels are offered in terms of power conversion from AC utility power to DC -48V site power.

The power portfolio

19-inch and 23-inch Lithium Ion Batteries are included in Ericsson’s power solution offerings. These batteries can be monitored remotely and are top-of-the-line when it comes to safety and verification within the enclosure. Along with Ericsson’s outdoor ground-mounted enclosures for RAN Compute housing and DC power, Ericsson includes a full portfolio of Zero Footprint power solutions including hardened IP65 batteries which can be managed remotely.

Smart connected sites

The ERS Enclosure gen 2 and battery-system components such as the smart Lithium Ion elements, come complete with standard features for the Smart Connected Site. They have embedded networking features, making it possible to manage enclosures and power systems on the Ericsson Network Manager (ENM) platform. The Smart Connected Site features enable site visibility, intelligence and security, giving service providers an-depth insight into data relating to their site infrastructure in the field. And the arrival Ericsson’s Smart Connected Site marks the start of IoT application use on sites.

Smart Connected Site

Rail 2.0 mounting system

The Rail 2.0 system is a simpler, more flexible and sustainable mounting solution for Ericsson ERS. Ericsson endorses the use of improved materials in site infrastructure – along with our broader RAN portfolio – including mountings. As a material of choice in Rail 2.0, steel contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process, yet retains excellent build and wind-load-handling properties.

In order to meet today’s more stringent requirements regarding the horizontal or vertical mounting of radio units according to site conditions, Rail 2.0 has been designed as a highly flexible solution that works in both modes for a selection of ERS and RAN Compute products.

This system makes Zero-Footprint sites easily deployable, and continues the legacy of Ericsson Rail solutions which allow the radio, RAN Compute, power unit (IP65) and Lithium Ion Battery (IP65) to exist on the same rail in a weather-proof and fan-less design. Ericsson wants to enable service providers to create Zero Footprint sites as needed, with decreased thermal-energy loss in medium and lower traffic configurations.

ERS units such as radios and RAN Compute hardware can be installed readily with reduced tower-climb time, which contributes to the optimization of our services. All of Ericsson’s mounting solutions have been pre-verified with corresponding radio, Power on Rail, and RAN Compute systems, which makes installations and planning easier with respect to activities in the field.

Composite Mounting Brackets

Since its introduction of simplified radio and baseband mounting products few years ago, Ericsson has been considering the possibility of using advanced non-metallic materials in site components such as brackets and mounts, with sustainability and performance in mind.

The ERS Site portfolio plans to include Composite Mounting Brackets for select Street Macro, Classic Macro and GPS mounts, and there are many similar products in the pipeline. The Composite Mounting Bracket comprises a carefully designed blend of non-metallic composites – an option characterized by the multiple benefits of reduced weight, no corrosion, UV protection, no paint requirement, and high useable life.

On the sustainability front, compared with aluminum and steel, the composites generate only about one-tenth of CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process, which also leads to less waste compared with any metal counterpart.

Composite Brackets are UV proof for up to 20 years, and very lightweight (about 0.5kg per bracket), translating into optimized services and logistics for site materials overall.

Ericsson plans to introduce the Composite Mounting Brackets for specific service providers demanding top field performance in terms of their site solutions.

Simplicity and sustainability

Ericsson believes in applying its advanced material and design methodology to all ERS Site solutions to provide 5G with the best-in-class site-building components for power, space, interconnect and mechanical installation. With this overall goal for the ERS Site portfolio, the idea is to simplify 5G site deployments and increase the sustainability of the hardware deployed to each site.

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