What does the future of BSS look like?

To monetize new 5G opportunities, service providers need to combine new network capabilities with an innovative and flexible BSS platform. But what will that platform look like?

Marketing Manager, BSS portfolio

Marketing Manager, BSS portfolio

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I’ve been at Ericsson for about ten years now, and I've seen everything from the 3G boom and the arrival of smartphones to the 4G rollout and the subsequent flood of apps, mobile video and unlimited data plans. Now, I'm paying close attention to how service providers are going to market and monetize 5G. 

There are many questions to be addressed and many 5G use cases to be explored. While most of the industry talk is around the enterprise or B2B opportunities, I’m personally curious to see how much innovation 5G will bring to consumers, especially when it comes to B2B2C offers that involve multiple partners.

Those opportunities, regardless of being B2B or B2C, will require preplanning, including defining a strategy, building partnerships and implementing new processes and tools. Traditionally, service providers have been struggling to monetize services beyond communications and mobile data, but now 5G will give them more capabilities to create new services beyond what we are used to.

Today, service providers are in a privileged position to drive and monetize innovation across almost all industries. According to a recent study by Ericsson and Arthur D. Little, there will be up to USD 700 billion in additional revenue opportunity for service providers addressing digitalization across 10 industries by 2030. The revenue potential will likely drive many service providers to go beyond connectivity and communication and truly explore 5G’s new capabilities.

Latency, reliability, private networks, edge, network slices, partners and IoT are just a few of the huge opportunities being enabled or enhanced by 5G. To monetize these, a new type of digital BSS will be needed: one that’s more agile, flexible, robust and future-proof. Ericsson combines its technology   leadership in 5G with an end-to-end telecom BSS solution to truly empower service providers to monetize 5G. Do you want to know how this 5G BSS look like?

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