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Smarter business: marrying the edge and 5G enterprise

The time for just talking about 5G enterprise use cases is over - it’s time to act. Are you ready? Telstra was. Together with their customers and partners they embraced the 5G ecosystem. How can other businesses follow their lead and introduce scalable commercial network edge solutions?

Marketing Director within Ericsson Digital Services.

Ericsson Enterprise

Marketing Director within Ericsson Digital Services.

Marketing Director within Ericsson Digital Services.

The optimal path in your journey to seize the tremendous potential of network edge solutions may not look the same as it does for others. After all, not every detail will be identical for every enterprise. However, there are some basic principles that can be applied. These are:

  • Build on your business strengths: Identify a few enterprise customers you could work closely with and how to address their immediate business needs
  • Start small and always consider replication: Identify one or two uses cases to start developing a replicable solution for. Ensure that the solution has the potential to be applied to other types of enterprises and use cases
  • Partner with hyperscale cloud providers (HCPs) for enterprise edge: Together you can bring the joint power of the network and public cloud capabilities to the edge
  • Invest in multi-HCP orchestration capabilities: In addition to a cloud-based 5G core network, ensure you can orchestrate network functions and run enterprise applications in the HCP environment

No communications service provider (CSP), hyperscale cloud providers, or enterprise systems integrator will succeed alone. By working together and being part of the enterprise application ecosystem, the synergized power of the edge can be unleashed.


Ericsson and Telstra partnership

The partnership between Ericsson and Telstra was designed to explore and develop an enterprise edge cloud solution. The journey we embarked on firmly adhered to the above guiding principles. and is an example of a CSP introducing edge computing in phases. It started off with a trial together with a Telstra customer in the financial sector. With 5G standalone now being rolled out, with Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core supporting both 4G and 5G connectivity, Telstra will now prepare to scale up the network and enterprise edge solution to apply it to other industries and customers as well.


Seizing 5G enterprise opportunities – a discussion

Telstra’s 5G ecosystem journey is explored in greater detail as part of BDGS’ recently launched 5G enterprise series, ‘5G - the catalyst for enterprise transformation.’ Nikos Katinakis, Group Executive Networks and IT, Telstra speaks with series host, Jan Karlsson, Head of Digital Services, Ericsson, about the opportunities Telstra is focusing on, how they work together with their ecosystem players, their experience deploying 5G and the need for multi-cloud service orchestration. Nikos also explores Telstra’s ambitions with infrastructure-free branch offices, supply chain management, food security and mining solutions.

Watch this video to hear Nikos and Jan talk about the 5G enterprise opportunity:


The ‘5G – the catalyst for enterprise transformation’ series features discussions with leading CSPs. The aim of the series is to showcase examples of enterprises leveraging the power of 5G to transform their business, and the steps they have taken to monetize 5G. Discussions between Jan Karlsson and his guests revolve around the current challenges and opportunities this technology brings and different ecosystem approaches.


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