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Becoming America’s largest-scale 5G manufacturer

We are proud to say that Ericsson 5G is made in the USA1, for the USA. Ericsson has invested in US manufacturing since 2019, and the impact is huge. We’ve created hundreds of new manufacturing jobs, and we’re connecting people across the country with secure, American-made 5G.  We are already delivering BABA-compliant equipment and are ready to support BEAD funded projects across the country.

Head of the Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory

5G factory in Texas

Head of the Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory

Head of the Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory

Just a few miles off one Dallas/Fort Worth’s many highways, American workers are manufacturing complex 5G radios and basebands. These products will go into one of the major US cell carriers’ networks, providing powerful connectivity to communities.

Ericsson’s USA 5G Smart Factory opened in March 2020, at a moment when supply chains around the world were feeling the initial shock of COVID-19. Since then, we have never stopped manufacturing state-of-the-art 5G equipment for Ericsson’s US customers.

The factory is dynamic and growing. Over the past four years, we have expanded our team from 100 to more than 500 employees and invested in new, advanced equipment. In 2023, we added 27,000 square feet to our production floor. And, we continually add new products to our portfolio to meet our customers’ demand for the latest technology.

US manufacturing

Ericsson’s production capacity in the United States is helping domestic service providers deliver on the promise of 5G networks and support global US 5G leadership. Already, Ericsson 5G networks are in all 50 states supporting tier one service providers and most regional providers. US-made equipment has been deployed from coast to coast, including major cities, some of the most advanced private networks and large stadiums.

As mid-band/C-band deployments accelerate in 2024, Ericsson’s US-made radios and basebands will be the foundation of higher performance networks across the country. We know that what we are building in Lewisville is closing the digital divide and enabling businesses to continue digital transformation across the country.

5G radios and basebands made in Lewisville are BABA-complaint with or without the BEAD non-availability waiver. This means that providers who want to pursue BEAD-funded network build-outs can trust Ericsson to deliver equipment that meets federal requirements today, and even if the waiver is changed in future. Ericsson 5G equipment made in Texas by US workers can deliver sustainable, gigabit 5G Fixed Broadband for BEAD and similar programs, helping to ensure that every US household has access to high-quality broadband.

The USA 5G Smart Factory is also closely connected to Ericsson’s Research and Development (R&D) activities. Our engineers work closely with the product design team in Ottawa to prepare new 5G technologies for mass production. And, all of our products contain Ericsson Silicon chips designed in Austin, Texas.

The Ericsson Silicon chips are a key component of the extremely complex circuit boards that are the heart of our products. What we’re making is not your average circuit board. Our most complex circuit board is 16 times more complex than the circuit boards in most laptops!

The factory has end-to-end production capabilities—from surface mount technology that builds complex circuit boards with tens of thousands of placements to final assembly, testing and packaging of the finished products that ship to our customers.

Upskilling American workers

Advanced electronics manufacturing requires a highly skilled workforce, and we are proud to be upskilling employees and providing career opportunities. With more than 500 employees in 2024, our factory team has quadrupled since we first opened.

When we first opened the USA 5G Smart Factory, finding local qualified candidates with prior manufacturing experience proved challenging. So, we created a solution. We built a robust, in-house training program, designed to equip someone with no manufacturing experience to work on our lines.

Today, our factory employees come from a variety of backgrounds—fast food, retail, former military personnel and tower climbing. Many of our operations roles do not require a college degree. By investing in people who are curious and eager to learn through ongoing training, we can build the workforce we need and open up meaningful career paths at the same time.

As employees gain experience, they have opportunities to move to more advanced roles within the manufacturing operations team. In fact, more than half of our current supervisors and team leads started as entry-level line workers!

Many employees use Ericsson’s tuition reimbursement benefits to earn their college degree. When they finish a degree, we encourage them to find opportunities within Ericsson. We have several examples of engineers, IT specialists and human resources business partners who started their Ericsson career on our factory floor. 

Investing in safer, cleaner manufacturing

The USA 5G Smart Factory is a front-runner in the trend of making manufacturing cleaner and safer.

We’re using automation and advanced technology to create a safer work environment. For example, we’ve automated screwdriving and dispensing activities, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Sustainability is integral to the factory’s design and operations. The facility uses 100 percent renewable electricity—some of which is generated on-site by solar panels that cover the parking lot. The Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory is proud to be LEED Gold Certified, and we are continually exploring ways to minimize our environmental impact.

We regularly share our learnings and experiences with other manufacturers who are looking to bolster their US-based manufacturing operations.

Ericsson is proud to be part of the US manufacturing renaissance.

Learn more on our factory page and about Ericsson in the USA.

1 Made in the USA of US and imported parts

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