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Private networks for oil and gas: One platform for the digital transformation journey

Oil and gas operations must modernize and digitize to meet rising challenges from efficiency needs to sustainability requirements. Private cellular networks are the one connectivity solution that can do it all.

Director of Energy Business Development, Ericsson North America

Private networks for oil and gas: One platform for the digital transformation journey

Director of Energy Business Development, Ericsson North America

Director of Energy Business Development, Ericsson North America

The oil and gas industry stands at a crossroads. From sustainability demands to efficiency needs to navigating a shrinking workforce, the industry is faced with an array of challenges, many of which can be addressed with digital transformation.

But the current state of connectivity makes transformation tricky. With a hodgepodge of different solutions, even operations that are digitized are often siloed, preventing facility managers from seeing the full picture of their operations.

Private 5G networks in particular offer a secure and unified solution capable of addressing current challenges while unlocking the potential for future use cases, such as automation and artificial intelligence.

Current challenges in the oil and gas industry

Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword. For oil and gas firms, there’s no time to waste as the industry works to adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape. So, why is this moment so critical? There are a few key challenges that come into play, such as:

  • Labor shortages and a changing workforce
  • Increasing pressure to reduce carbon footprint and monitor for environmental impact
  • Ensuring high asset reliability
  • Improving efficiency of operations
  • Worker safety
  • Security risks
  • Complexity of network infrastructure

Oil and gas companies need a solution that can address all these challenges. One connectivity solution that can do it all – private networks. Are they right for your digital solution initiatives?

What is a private network?

Private networks are purpose-built Wireless LAN that are more reliable, high-performing, secure, and cost-effective than Wi-Fi or public cellular. They are critical for the digital transformation of industries like oil and gas, providing the reliable, secure, and agile connectivity to support the adoption, use and scaling of new technologies.

For the oil and gas industry in particular, private networks come with key benefits like the ability to connect remote locations and to convert and unify legacy systems without the need to replace hardware.

Enabling advanced use cases and future-proofing

Oil and gas companies are already beginning to capitalize on cutting edge solutions like remote monitoring and the connected worker. But private networks enable higher resolution videos and new possibilities, like the ability to bring further intelligence and predictive analytics to streamline operational efficiency. With the right platform and private networks in place, oil and gas companies can future-proof their businesses using various use cases including:

Getting started with private cellular networking

The first step in unlocking the benefits of private networks is to evaluate your environment, identify the unique problems your company needs to solve, and understand your coverage needs and operational barriers. Once you have a clear picture, you can set goals and design a proof of concept that is scalable, future-proof, and able to produce results for your business.

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Download the full report to learn more about private cellular in oil and gas environments and how they can help transform your business.

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