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Tech Unveiled Series 6

Series 6 dives into key technologies and strategies driving 5G network innovation and optimization. The episodes provide insights into the role of rApps in driving innovation, the importance of acceleration technologies in Cloud RAN architectures, and advanced traffic steering techniques in 5G networks. Additionally, they highlight the significance of precise indoor positioning for monetization opportunities and discuss how Open RAN architecture can enhance energy efficiency in telecommunications networks.

rApps – your best bet for innovation in 5G networks

What are rApps and why are they critical for 5G? How do they enhance network sustainability, efficiency and performance?

In this Tech Unveiled our experts tells us why rApps are a critical step in 5G network evolution and how they drive innovation of new services while optimizing CAPEX & OPEX.

Guests & blog authors
Christoffer Stuart, Strategic Product Management
Frida Mattsson, Strategic Product Manager for Service Continuity
Noelia Lopez, Solution Marketing Manager Networks

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Cloud RAN Accelerators: which one is in the lead, and why?

Ready to get the most out of 5G in Cloud RAN? This Tech Unveiled help you uncover the best accelerator technology to accomplish this. Join us as we explore two accelerator solutions, the Selected Function Hardware Accelerator, and the Full L1 Accelerator. Discover their findings and the best accelerator for your network.

Oscar Toorell, Head of Technology Cloud RAN
Gabriel Foglander, Strategic Product Manager Cloud RAN

Blog authors:
Frank Li, Strategic Product Manager Cloud RAN
Gabriel Foglander, Strategic Product Manager Cloud RAN

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Advanced Traffic Steering in 5G: Why you can't live without it

So, what is next for 5G spectrum utilization? In this Tech Unveiled, you will learn how Advanced Traffic Steering techniques in 5G with Multi-Layer Coordination can help service providers to optimize spectrum utilization, while achieving up to 40 percent greater network capacity, so that you and all other users get the performance you all expect.

Carin Omurcali, Strategic Product Manager, Business Area Networks
Linnea Faxén, Senior Specialist, Development Area Networks

Blog authors:
Carin Omurcali, Strategic Product Manager, Business Area Networks
Linnea Faxén, Senior Specialist, Development Area Networks
Tomas Köhler, RAN Solution Manager, Business Area Networks
Tao Cui, Senior Specialist, Development Area Networks
Anders Helsing, Sales Engagement Director, Business Area Networks

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Why is precise indoor positioning your best companion for 5G monetization?

Indoor 5G positioning is a key ingredient in many advanced industrial cases and critical areas such as public safety, and demand for a sophisticated solution is high. But at the same time, deployments lag. Find out how to unlock this untapped market, here.

Guests and blog authors:
Magnus Kristersson, Business Area Networks
Partha Sarathy Konakanchi

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Embracing energy efficiency in Open RAN architecture

Energy efficiency has risen to the top of everyone’s agenda in recent times, and it is an area in which Ericsson has been leading the way for many years - that vast experience is now being leveraged in Open RAN to address every aspect of the energy challenge.

Guests and blog authors:
Frank Li - Strategic product manager in Cloud RAN Product line, responsible for vDU evolution
Massimiliano Fratini - Strategic Manager for Network Services

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