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Ericsson Innovation Awards 2020

The 2020 Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) is a call to ‘Reclaim the Future.’ This year, the annual global competition calls on students around the globe to set major change in motion by committing to addressing the current and future challenges of climate action. Focused on how ICT/technology solutions can provide radical climate change mitigation for consumers and industry alike.

EIA 2020 theme: Reclaim the future

Ericsson is committed to making a real impact, that’s why our challenge for 2020 is to support a new generation of innovators to find solutions to the current climate change crisis focused on how ICT/technology solutions can provide radical climate change mitigation for consumers and industry alike.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) refers to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications. It is similar to Information Technology (IT), but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums.

In relation to our theme, it has been shown that ICT solutions have a calculated potential to reduce the global greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15%.

Be the one to act. To face the truth. To innovate. Be the one to reclaim the future.

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Transportation efficiency

Transport accounts for 16% of global emissions and has massive impacts on the environment and human health. To tackle this challenge Ericsson’s has been collaborating with Einride and Telia worked to develop electric, self-driving trucks powered by 5G. This innovative solution, brought about by a merging of skills and expertise, works to reduce carbon emissions by reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, ultimately contributing to healthier air quality globally.

Environment conservation

Deforestation and environment protection have been a growing concern for decades. As an effort to conserve a fragile ecosystem we launched the Connected Mangroves project. This effort to protect and preserve local marine ecosystems uses 5G connectivity to capture data relevant to the mangroves’ survival demonstrates how innovative technology can effect real world change. Ensuring sustained growth and impact by empowering local communities with the resources they need to maintain the new environment.



Team name University Location
OptiGrow Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Wakeshore The University of Queensland Australia
Firelink Carnegie Mellon University & University of Wisconsin, Madison United States
Partially electrified railways KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Elzian Agro University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Cedars Lebanese American University & Lebanse University Lebanon
Autonoma PV University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia
(Regional winner)
Bahcesehir University & Istanbul Technical University Turkey
WFPD: Wild Fire Prediction & Detection
(Regional winner)
Karlsruhe University of Applied Science Germany
BioDigestor Community
(Regional winner)
Anahuac Mexico Norte University Mexico
AuREUS: Aurora Renewable Energy and Ultraviolet Sequestration System
(Regional winner)
Mapua University Philippines
Arboreal CO2 Respirator
(Regional winner)
Cummins college of engineering for women, Pune India
(Regional winner)
Osaka Univeristy Japan
The O2C Marketplace
(Regional winner)

Stanford University

United States

Thank you to everyone that applied! It is inspiring to see so many bright ideas in one place. Make sure to keep your eyes on our careers page and social media channes for more opportunities to engage with us.

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