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We are always on the lookout for people who have the passion and capability to develop, adapt, and drive new technologies, ideas, and concepts. Here you will work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry with the supportive and collaborative environment you need to flourish.

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The applications we build in our software campus in Athlone make it possible for billions of people to communicate, surf the web and stay connected on social media on their smart devices every day! Through our focus on continuous innovation, we deliver leading-edge solutions that will change our world.

If you are a Software Engineer, Analyst, or Architect anywhere in in the world and you’re interested in life at Athlone, we want to hear from you. We will keep you energised with exciting challenges in supportive and collaborative environment.

It’s the uniqueness you bring when you join that makes this such a great place to work.

Be yourself.

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INFUSE: Investing in Future Software Engineers

"The INFUSE ‘magic moment’ is seeing young students involved, engaged and being able to use technology to pursue their passion. Be that a website about their favourite pop star or getting a small game working. It demystifies technology they use every day. They are digital natives, it’s about showing them how to unlock the full potential of that."
- Neil Grogan, Product Development Leader

The Ericsson Athlone INvesting in FUture Software Engineers or INFUSE Program, provides students with a unique insight into the world of software engineering with the hope of sparking a genuine interest.

INFUSE is volunteer driven, all activities are run by Ericsson engineers who passionate about helping empower the next generation of software engineers.

If you’re a student or a teacher in the local area, get in touch to find out how you could benefit from the programme.