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DevOps Projects

DevOps projects

CSI Network Operations

In our department, we work with various products used for configuring, monitoring, and diagnosing radio stations, including AI solutions for telecommunications technology. Wondering what these products are? We'll explain!

Imagine an engineer manually editing configuration files containing thousands of lines of code, searching for dependencies between parameters, and then conducting hardware diagnostics based on the results of commands entered in the command line. A scene straight out of a good thriller, right? We certainly think so, which is why in this department we develop a range of products that solve these and other problems.

The initial setup process of a radio station starts at the network management centre. Engineers use our products to graphically prepare and validate the configuration files needed for the proper operation of the equipment located at the radio station. Afterwards, they go directly to the site where new equipment needs to be installed. Then they can begin configuring it using a mobile application that assists and automates the engineers' work. The correctness of the equipment's operation is checked using a web application for troubleshooting and diagnosing the station with both remote and local access.

Radio stations perform automatic diagnostics, the results of which are presented to the operator, and can also use self-repair mechanisms. This data is also collected in a cloud-based solution, which, using machine learning algorithms, supports the diagnosis of the entire network.

When an operator receives information about a network anomaly, they can resolve it remotely, but in some cases, they must send engineers directly to the radio station. Their work is supported by solutions built in our department.

Join us if you would like to develop tools that support the expansion and development of telecommunications networks. Feel invited!

What we work on:
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Erlang
  • Android SDK
  • Kubernetes/Helm
  • Python
How we work:
  • Agile
  • XFT with a significant impact on product development
  • Flexible hybrid work
  • DevOps